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A Brief Review of Instagram Followers APP

Due to the huge increasing popularity of Instagram in recent years, many people who like to share their lives on Instagram or do marketing for their companies or products on Instagram all want to get an Instagram Followers APP that can be beneficial to their activities on Instagram. With the expanding needs of users, there turned many different types of Instagram Followers apps on the market now, but how do we choose? Do they actually work? Read on and you may know the answer.

A Brief Review of Instagram Followers App

What Can Instagram APP do for Us?

At first, you may be wondering: what exactly can the Instagram Followers APP do for us? As most Instagram users hoped, Instagram Followers APP is mainly for getting Instagram followers for users. Functionally, their purpose is to increase the attention and exposure of your Instagram account, which will allow you to gain more social or boost your brand more fame. But there are so many different Instagram Followers apps on the market today, some of them are useless, just to trick people into downloading their app to get the user’s private information. So, finding a perfect Instagram Followers APP seems to be a difficult issue.

Fortunately, our testers have screened out the following Instagram Followers APPs for you after testing dozens of Instagram Followers APPs. You can choose to download and register according to your needs.

What are The Hottest Instagram Followers Apps on The Market?

Ins Followers

Ins Followers is an app that offers free Instagram followers for users and it can be considered one of the best Instagram follower apps on the market. It has been released for both iOS and Android, you can download both on Google Play or the Apple store.

Ins Followers use the complete task to earn coins mode, you can earn coins and use the coins you earned to buy Instagram followers, and followers will be delivered within a certain period of time, which may be one day or three days, or even a week. However, you can also choose to just buy Instagram followers without completing tasks, but the price is not so friendly.


The InsEnGage app is one of Instagram’s unique follower apps. What sets this app apart from others is that instead of giving you Instagram followers directly, it helps you gain followers through other means. The InsEnGage app can help you get Instagram followers by providing and using popular hashtags, and then these followers would be your active followers because they follow you due to your content. However, the hashtags provided by InsEnGage are not updated in time, so it may cause the hashtags you use to be out of style.

So, if you are new and want to get organic followers, you can try to download and install this app, it is also one of the best apps for you. The tool will give you the best hashtags to use on your posts or stories for maximum traffic exposure, and the best time to post for maximum engagement.


Different from the two types of Instagram Followers apps we analyzed just now, the functions of IGSights are undoubtedly the most comprehensive compared to other Instagram Followers APPs on the market. It can not only be the same as Ins Followers, allowing you to get a certain amount of free& real followers by completing the tasks posted by the system or get a large number of real followers by purchasing, at the same time, you can also get the same popular hashtags in IGSights as in InsEnGage or even more professional hashtags in IGSights for free to increase engagement on your post or story.

In IGSights, you can also get coins by completing tasks posted by the system to get free Instagram likes. With these Instagram likes, you can directly improve the traffic ranking of your posts or stories, so as to reach the demand of expanding product sales or attracting followers. But these are not the only ones, IGSights can also provide you with the function to analyze your Instagram account. It will provide you with information about changes in your account within a specified period of time, and also provide you with some details about your followers.

Is IGSights Reliable?

After viewing the above several Instagram Followers APP review analysis, you must have a general understanding of their functions. Without any doubt, IGSights is the one that stands out the most. You only need to download one IGSights, and you can enjoy the functions brought by several apps. However, before downloading IGSights, you must have some doubts: Is the IGSights Instagram Followers APP really effective and reliable?
Below we will answer you from the following aspects.

1. Secure registration, no privacy leak.

After you download IGSights, the first thing you must do is register an IGSights account and then log in. It is very convenient to register for IGSights. You don’t need to put any private information, and you also don’t need to bind your email or anything. After registration, you can bind your Instagram account directly to operate. You do not need to enter your Instagram password, and your private information will never be applied.

2. Convenient usage, and quick delivery.

After the Instagram account is linked, you can start using it. In IGSights, you can get coins by completing tasks assigned by the system, and then you can buy Instagram followers on the purchase page or buy likes for your posts and stories. If the coins you obtained through tasks cannot meet your purchase plan, you can also recharge, and the price is also very affordable. After purchasing followers and likes, you don’t have to worry about delayed arrival. IGSights has an online 24 hours a day service, and they will guarantee that your purchases will be fully credited within one day.

In addition to buying followers and likes, you can also get your account analysis data on the homepage. You can get your recent Instagram account information: changes in your followers, your recent visitors, your most popular posts, your hidden followers, your ghost followers, and more. You can get this data directly without being too complicated or circuitous.

You can also get the recent hot hashtags for free at IGSights, and you can even get them directly for free without logging in to your account.

3. 7 X 24 Customer Service

We mentioned earlier that IGSights has 24-hour a-day service. so, if you encounter any problems with usage or purchasing items, you can report your questions or leave your suggestions through the feedback page in IGSights, and their staff will respond to your feedback in time.

Therefore, from the points of our analysis above, it is not difficult to see that IGSights is a safe and reliable Instagram Followers APP that also has multiple functions. If you are crushed with it, you can download it directly through the link below.

Boost Your Instagram Easily

After you downloaded IGSights, you can easily get real and free Instagram followers and likes to help you boost your Instagram quickly.

Moreover, if you want to get accurate Instagram account analysis and get instant Instagram account insights, you can download our advanced version- Follower Reporter, which can get real Instagram followers and likes easily too.

If you are using iPhone and also want to get unlimited real Instagram followers and likes, then you can download our INSUP! The features of INSUP are the same as IGSights, but INSUP is faster, more convenient, and safer for buying real Instagram followers and likes!


At the end of this blog, I believe you already have a more detailed understanding of the Instagram Followers APP. It is not difficult to see that it is necessary to have an effective and reliable Instagram Followers APP.

So, if you are looking for a multi-functional, safe, and reliable Instagram Followers APP, you can try IGSights! Download it and you will never feel regret!
Notice: If you are using Android, please download IGSights, if you are using iOS, please download INSUP. Both versions are the same. If you want to get accurate Instagram account analysis, Follower Reporter is more suitable for you!