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How to Boost Startup’s Fame with Instagram Followers

With the continuous development of the Internet age and the rise of social media, many social media has become the marketing choice for startups, and Instagram is one of them. With more and more companies marketing success on Instagram, Instagram has gradually become the go-to marketing location for various startups.

There is no doubt that the most important job of marketing on Instagram is Instagram followers. Reliable followers management can bring great benefits to startups while increasing their popularity. Here below is how to use followers to boost your startup’s fame and help your company grow quickly on Instagram.

How to Boost Startup’s Fame with Instagram Followers

Increase The Proportion of Real Instagram Followers

The first way is to get more real Instagram followers. Nowadays, many startups buy bot followers through some channels in order to make their homepage look better, but we all know that bot followers can’t bring accounts traffic and even make contributions, so if you want to increase the popularity of your account, real Instagram followers are essential.

Real Instagram followers not only can provide likes and comments for your posts, but also can provide traffic and popularity for your posts, help you gain more exposure opportunities, and allow more people to see your posts; in addition, real Instagram followers can even help you expand your followers base. If your post content is enough to attract them, then they may share your post with their friends without hesitation. In this way, your post views and likes will increase, and even gain new real Instagram followers.

If you have IGSights, you can easily get real followers. In IGSights, users get free& real followers by completing tasks. Due to the huge number of users, you don’t have to worry about bot followers, it guarantees the followers you get are 100% real followers.

Increase The Frequency of Interaction with Instagram Followers

If you want to keep your account looking fresh, posting at regular times is often the best option, and engaging with your Instagram followers is also an essential part of your post. If your Instagram followers comment on your post, you can take a little time to reply. Not replying to your followers’ messages will make them feel like you don’t care about them, and as a result, they may unfollow you on Instagram. Typically, it will help your account grow if you set aside a few hours a week to respond to all comments. You don’t have to be overly elaborate in your answer, sometimes all an Instagram follower wants to hear is a “thank you” for a complimenting comment.

In addition, most hidden Instagram followers will also pay attention to the interaction between the poster and the followers. If the frequency of interactions is too low, then they may think that your account is not authentic, or that your comments are bought, so as to cancel the plan to follow your account, then you will lose potential Instagram followers groups, and the popularity of the account will also be greatly reduced.

If you download IGSights, you can get your account analytics at any time, you can see potential followers who visited your Instagram homepage but didn’t follow you, and ghost followers who didn’t comment or like you after following you. From this function, you can adjust the frequency of interaction between you and your followers based on this data, so as to get more followers and exposure.

Improve The Quality of Post Content

Improving the quality of your posts is undoubtedly the most intuitive way to gain popularity and traffic. High-quality posts can allow you to directly gain more Instagram followers, and these followers do really like your content. After following you, they will always follow your posts, make comments or give likes, so don’t worry about them unfollowing later. Usually, there are mainly the following ways to promote your posts.

1. Use various hot hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in getting your brand personality in front of your target audience on Instagram. In each post you can add up to 30 Instagram hashtags to your post, these tags can let others see your post through the Instagram hashtag and increase the exposure of your post on the topic. However, remember that each post requires the added tags should be in line with the theme of your post, otherwise not only will it decrease the possibility of viewers following you, but it will also make them feel that your post has nothing worth browsing, and even be blocked.

2. Choose high-quality pictures

We all know that high-quality pictures can grab the viewer’s attention in an instant. Compared with the text content in the post, it is obvious that pictures are easier to attract the attention of viewers, so the choice of pictures is particularly important.

In terms of pixels, please ensure the clarity of the selected pictures when uploading pictures. Low-quality pictures will make people lose their desire to view them; In terms of picture content, you have to choose pictures that are related to the text content, the one that is too different from the text content or irrelevant will greatly reduce the viewer’s experience, resulting in the loss of potential followers; In terms of style, you can use Instagram’s built-in filters or other image editors to edit your images before posting, do some appropriate retouching, such as adding appropriate filters and stickers.

3. Post the content your followers like

Post content that resonates with your Instagram followers is also an important part of gaining traffic and boosting your fame. After getting some Instagram followers, you can compile your existing social media audience and customer data to analyze exactly what your followers want to see on the Instagram page, so as to formulate the post content you should publish.

All of the above are effective ways to improve the content of your posts, and if you have IGSights, mastering these methods should not be difficult. In IGSights, you can directly get recent popular hashtags, so you can directly open IGSights and add the hashtags you want to your posts; in IGSights, you can also regularly get reports of your most popular posts, which will make it easier for you to formulate the content and style of your posts to get more traffic and exposure.

Control The Number of Real-Time Instagram Followers Changes

Real-time control of follower trends can help you make better account development plans. While gaining Instagram followers, you also need to check the recent trends of followers growth from time to time, so that we can formulate a plan for the number of Instagram followers in the next stage according to the development needs of the account. If you just let followers grow independently without making any plans, the popularity of startup accounts will be very unstable, and it will delay the development of accounts and even the development of companies.

If you’ve used IGSights, you know that you can easily grasp your follower growth trends data. IGSights can provide you with the change of followers in a specified time period to help you formulate your account development plan.

Get Real Instagram Followers and Likes

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That’s all we want to share today about how to boost a startup’s fame with Instagram followers. We can clearly know that gaining real Instagram followers, increasing interaction with followers, posting high-quality posts, and keeping track of real-time follower growth trends are all very important, but are these things so easy to do? Fortunately, we all know that IGSights can perfectly solve all the above difficulties.

In IGSights, you can get real Instagram followers and likes for free to quickly grow your startup’s Instagram account; IGSights also provides you with the latest trending hashtags to help you boost your posts; moreover, IGSights provides you with information on the trend of Instagram followers growth in a recent period of time, allowing you to easily control the changes in followers and revise your development plan in a timely manner.

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