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Increase Your IG Followers and Likes- Do’s You Must Know

Instagram is absolutely a highly targetable, visual marketing channel for nowadays brands no matter they are startups or old members. For many marketers, Instagram could build a firm chain between them and their loyal audiences which helps their brand get growth. In the maintenance progress of Instagram, you may not ignore the role of ig followers and likes, it implicates many parts of your brand marketing. In this blog, we will show you some effective ways to get ig followers and likes to better grow your brand and your marketing consequent, and these do’s enable you to get ig followers and likes constantly- which are real, active, and free ones.

Make Your Profile Attractive

The first step is simple but important. Only after you make a good first sight to your audience will they next follow you, so make your profile attractive and then encourage your audiences to follow you. In this part, you can describe an engaging story about your brand, and make what can your brand do for people clearly, moreover, you should leave your website link and your brand email, this will make your brand professional, and also give your audience a self-introduction. Next, you can design a styled photo for your profile which also related to your business.

Keep Your Brand Personality Consistent

After your potential audiences checked your profile then absolutely they will have a look at your posts, so how to make your content attract your audiences again?

Keeping your content constant is a not bad idea for your daily creation. Maintaining the colors and styles of descriptions, photos, or even videos constantly is important to build your own brand personality. Your potential audiences would have a deep impression of your brand after briefly taking a look at your posts.

Use Trending Hashtags

If you want to show your potential audiences your posts, you must make your posts appear in front of them, so you should find a bridge to deliver your posts to your audiences. Trending Instagram hashtags is the bridge that connects your posts with your audiences, it makes everything easier for people searching specific topics to find your posts or photos.

Using trending Instagram hashtags is also a course you should master, not every trending hashtag can you add to your posts, but the tags should be relevant to the idea of your posts.

Create Your Own Brand Hashtags

In addition, you can also create your own brand hashtags, which could be specific to your brand or even a specific campaign, and your audience could use your brand hashtags to post their pictures. Obviously, it is an excellent method to boost the fame of your brand and promote your campaign.

This will give you free user-generated content and publicity, which can help you reach more users and gain more ig followers and likes.

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Take Part in Hot Topics

There are always some hot topics on Instagram, and it is your best chance to show your skills to those people who did not follow you. If there is someone putting out a new topic and it is related to your business, and more, it becomes more and more popular, it means more and more people participate in this topic, you should take part in it. people might be impressed by your content and then like your posts or even follow you.

Run a Giveaway

Don’t save your budget on giveaways, Only if you give your audiences a taste, will they be attracted to your products. Have to say, it is a technique for many marketers who want to see an instant result in their marketing. If you want to run a giveaway, you can post and ask your followers to tag their friends to take part in it.

Get Followers from Your Competitors

The final one is the effective one that you can not ignore. If you are sensitive enough, you will know the followers of your competitors is also your followers. You can try to interact with them and promote some campaigns to attract their attention, and then engage with them, the more energy you put in with them, the more ig followers and likes you will get.


The above eight tips could greatly help you get more real ig followers and likes, and if you need to boost your ig account effectively in a short period, you can give GetFollowerUp a try! With GetFollowerUp, it is easy for every user to increase 10k+ ig followers and likes in a short period.

What are you waiting for? Boost your ig with the above tips immediately!