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Things You Should Know About Instagram Algorithms in 2023

Most people think that the success of managing an Instagram account lies in the meticulous planning and wonderful content that they publish day and night, but this is not the case. In fact, getting exposure and traffic on Instagram mainly depends on the Instagram Algorithms. So, what is the Instagram algorithm? What should we do with the Instagram algorithm? Read on, this blog will give you the answer.

Things You Should Know About Instagram Algorithms

What is The Instagram Algorithms and How does It Influence Your Instagram Account?

At first, you will be curious: what is the Instagram Algorithms? Briefly speaking, the Instagram algorithm is a set of rules and signals used to rank content on the platform, which processes and ranks the content you post based on users’ feeds, the explore page, post feeds, and more. Therefore, the influence of the Instagram algorithm on Instagram users is far-reaching. So, how does the Instagram algorithm affect our Instagram account? After our investigation and analysis, we found that the main aspects are as follows:

1. Your relationship with your followers

The first one is your relationship with your followers. In Instagram’s view, the engagement rate between you and your followers can indirectly reflect whether the content of your account is valuable. If the content of your account has many comments or likes from your followers, it means that your content provides a certain value to your followers and other Instagram users, then the Instagram algorithm will improve the ranking of your content. Conversely, if your content isn’t engaging too much with your existing followers, then the Instagram algorithm will deem your content unworthy of being seen.

2. The relevance of the content

If you like adding Instagram hashtags to your posts, then you need to pay attention. In Instagram’s view, if the content you post is highly relevant to the Instagram hashtags you added, then your content will be considered valuable, otherwise, it will be judged as rubbish content by the Instagram algorithm.

3. The timeliness of your post

The ability to publish posts on hot topics in time is also a criterion for Instagram to detect the value of your account. If your Instagram account can keep up with the trending content on Instagram, it will be judged as an active user by the Instagram algorithm, which will increase your chances of being discovered by more Instagram users.

4. The number of followers

The number of followers on your Instagram account is also one of the metrics that Instagram measures the value of your account. If you have a large number of Instagram followers, it will reflect that your content has a high audience rate, and your Instagram account has real value to many users, so the Instagram algorithm will increase the exposure of your account.
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5. How long do users stay on your homepage

Finally, according to the Instagram algorithm: the longer users stay on your account page, the more attractive the content you published, and there should be more people to discover your content. Then the Instagram algorithm will increase the traffic to your account.

How to Use The Instagram Algorithms to Improve Your Exposure?

After getting a drift of the Instagram algorithm, we can’t help but wonder: how can we use the Instagram algorithm to increase the traffic and exposure of our account? After our research we came up with the following methods:

1. Post the contents your followers are interested in the most

As we mentioned before, the Instagram Algorithms pays great attention to the relationship between you and your Instagram followers, so if you want to increase your stickiness, you need to publish the content that your followers like to increase the interaction between you and your followers. If you’re struggling with this and don’t know what your Instagram followers like, then you can give IGSights a try! In IGSights, you can regularly get traffic for your posts during a certain period of time. so, you can clearly know which posts have the most likes and comments and are most attractive, so that you can get a clearly formulated content goal.

2. Get popular hashtags in time

We just also mentioned that posting trending posts in time is an integral part of getting the Instagram algorithm’s recognition of our account’s activeness, then getting popular hashtags in time is an indispensable job. But how do we get the recent trending Instagram hashtags in time? Maybe you can try to download IGSights. At IGSights, you can directly get all the recent popular Instagram hashtags for free, you don’t even need to register, then you can get the hashtags you want right away. Moreover, for your convenience, IGSights also categorizes these hashtags for you, so you can directly find relevant popular hashtags according to your content.

3. Get more real Instagram followers

It is also crucial to get more real Instagram followers, the more followers you have, the more traffic your account will get, and the Instagram algorithm will consider your account irreplaceable. However, how do we get more real Instagram followers? If you’ve downloaded IGSights, you will know that at IGSights, getting real Instagram followers is never that difficult. You only need to stay in IGSights for a few minutes every day and you can get a certain amount of free & real Instagram followers. With no complicated operations and no cumbersome process, you can get free&real Instagram followers to expand your influence.

4. Optimize your homepage content

Last but not the least, to keep Instagram users on your homepage for a long time, optimizing the content of your account homepage is also essential. You need to not only complete your profile, such as choosing a clear and attractive picture for your avatar, but also develop the theme of your homepages, such as the typography of the post content and the style of the image you post. All of the above will affect the time users stay on your homepage, thereby affecting the Instagram algorithm’s judgment of the value of your account.

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