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Get More Instagram Followers & Likes

Your Detailed and Advanced Instagram Analysis - Timely & Efficiently

Want to get your Instagram account analysis data anytime? Download this analysis tool and you can easily get insight for your Instagram. Get your accurate followers, likes, and other analysis in real-time, which are powerful for your Instagram account growth!

— Precise/Detailed/Timely —

How to Get Your Instagram Analysis Timely?

You will get a comprehensive and advanced Instagram account analysis data, which will be
updated in time to make your Instagram account more perfect.

Step 1

Download our APP

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Step 2

Sign in and bound your IG account

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Step 3

Get your Instagram analysis directly

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Why Should You Get A Detailed Instagram Analysis?

Timely access to your Instagram account analysis data will help you plan your account reasonably and promote the content you published , so as to gain more real Instagram followers
and real Instagram likes, thereby increasing your popularity.


Increase your Instagram account


Master your audience preferences
and create better content


Increase your contents reach and

What Can We Analysis For You?

You can get the following accurate data:


1. Who Follows Me - find out your audience


2. Who Unfollows Me - reasons for fewer followers


3. My Hidden Followers - how to make them follow me


4. My Ghost Followers - why they don't engage with me


5. My Most Popular Posts/Stories - what my audience interest


6. My Instagram Data Changes - make a more perfect account operation

How Can We Guarantee to Provide You with A Perfect Instagram Analysis?



Our technicians track and update your Instagram account data changes in real time every day.



We divide your data into various categories for you, followers/posts/homepages, for your precise checking.



We will never record your information and will never leak your privacy.

Download our APP to get free Instagram follower and free likes now. It’s

Why Should You Choose Our Instagram Analysis Tool?

Precise Data:

You will get the most accurate profile analysis thanks to the advanced algorithms applied in Instagram account analysis app – MagicFollower Report. We guarantee that all data you obtain is 100% precise.

Fast Analysis:

Instead of waiting hours and days, analysis results are delivered in
seconds. You don’t have to wait too long, you can get your Instagram analysis immediately.

7X24 Customer Service:

Our professional customer service is waiting around the clock, just to provide you with perfect service.

Why Should You Choose Our Instagram Analysis Tool?

Perfect experience, I easily grasped the content that my audience loves and successfully increased engagement with them.

--By Mar*****

Very friendly and timely service, I can get a reply immediately if I have any questions anytime, I just fell in love with this analysis tool!

--By Ves*****

A great analysis tool that can see the precise daily data and changes for my Instagram. If there is an abnormal change on a certain day, you can quickly find out the reason. Soooo nice!

--By Por*****

A safe tool, never received spam, no need to bind any personal information when logging in.

--By Ves*****

— Precise/Detailed/Timely —

How Can We Guarantee to Provide You with A Perfect Instagram Analysis?

MagicFollower Report is an artificial intelligence-based analysis tool that provides precise analysis of 15 metrics for any Instagram profile.

5 Instagram accounts can be added to each MagicFollower Report account at most.

Step 1: Log into your MagicFollower Report account
Step 2: Tap the profile photo on the top left corner
Step 3: Tap “Add Account” on the bottom of the unfolded interface
Step 4: Enter the Instagram username

Typically, you will see changes within an hour. If there is no data update after the refresh, it may be a network delay, you need to wait patiently or restart the refresh after disconnecting the network and reconnecting.

If nothing has changed after 24 hours, you can send us your Instagram username and your MagicFollower Report account name. We will help follow up.

It is an efficient and secure platform that gathers a large number of Instagrammers. Our professionals will track and synchronize your Instagram account data in real time every day, and display these data to you in categories for your convenience.

Certainly! You can use MagicFollower Report to analyze your competitors’ behavior on Instagram and learn from them for some promotional ideas.

Not needed. We do not ask for your password because processing your order does not need it; your username is enough.