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The Ultimate Guide to Get Real Instagram Followers

Nowadays, many people are worried about how to get real Instagram followers. To bring you a clearer guide to getting real Instagram followers, we recently interviewed Joseph Wolf who has successfully gained millions of real Instagram followers in a short period. Today we’ll take you through his story to help you get a more distinct idea of how to get real Instagram followers.

The Ultimate Guide to Get Real Instagram Followers

A Brief Introduction of Joseph Wolf

Joseph Wolf works for a beauty company and is the marketing operations director of the company. In order to expand the brand’s reputation and increase the sales of branded products, his company decided to enter the Instagram marketing market at the beginning of this year, so Joseph Wolf started his marketing operations career on Instagram.

Operational Difficulties with Few Real Instagram Followers

But everything is hard at the beginning, especially when it comes to marketing on hyper-saturated and hot Instagram. In the early days of operation, Joseph Wolf published posts about the company’s branded products almost every day. Each post was carefully planned and published, but almost no one liked and commented, so his Instagram account had no traffic. At the same time, the account has only a few Instagram followers. But it wasn’t the worst. Over time, Joseph Wolf found that the users who followed his Instagram account didn’t bring traffic to his content at all, and they hardly interacted with him, which led to his account’s homepage looking very unfriendly. “I even doubt that these followers are robots at all,” says Joseph Wolf.

Without real Instagram followers, the published content has no exposure and traffic, and Joseph Wolf’s operations on Instagram are like walking on thin ice. For a time, Joseph Wolf fell into endless distress.
“The content I post is obviously interesting, but why is no one seeing it?” Joseph Wolf often asks himself

Things Turned Around After Using IGSights

This went on for about four or five months, and just when Joseph Wolf was about to give up, he stumbled across the website and came across the app that gave him and his Instagram account a final chance – IGSights.
“At first I just had the mentality of giving it a try. I didn’t expect IGSights to be so useful.” Joseph Wolf is very grateful for this.

After this accidental discovery, Joseph Wolf immediately downloaded IGSights and linked the company’s branded Instagram account. “It’s always a good idea to try,” says Joseph Wolf. After getting familiar with the various functions of IGSights, Joseph Wolf was pleasantly surprised to find that compared with other Instagram follower apps on the market, the functions of IGSights are very comprehensive. “It’s more effective and more comprehensive than any Instagram followers app I’ve ever downloaded,” says Joseph Wolf. Then Joseph Wolf lists the functions of IGSights he explored.

1. Get real & free Instagram followers

At IGSights, its main function is to provide you with real Instagram followers. Users can earn gold coins by completing tasks assigned by the system, and then use these coins to exchange for real Instagram followers. “With just a few minutes of staying at IGSights every day, I have gained hundreds of real Instagram followers,” said Joseph Wolf.

Of course, you can also increase the number of real Instagram followers by purchasing gold coins. Due to the huge number of users, IGSights can provide you with unlimited real Instagram followers, so you can easily complete your plan to increase Instagram followers in IGSights .

2. Get real Instagram likes on your specified post

In addition to getting real Instagram followers, IGSights also gives you the ability to get real Instagram likes for specific posts. “It’s like magic, my posts that didn’t have traffic really get a lot of likes and comments.” Joseph Wolf is very excited about this. With these real Instagram likes, when your potential followers click on your homepage, they will think that your content is valuable, so it will increase the probability of them following your account so that you can get more real Instagram followers.

3. Get trending Instagram hashtags easily

At IGSights, you can get trending Instagram hashtags for free, you just need to click on the hashtags page, you don’t even need to register, you can directly and quickly get the trending Instagram hashtags corresponding to your posts. “After using IGSights, every occasion I publish a post or story, I’ll look for the Instagram hashtags according to the content I put out on IGSights, thereby increasing the exposure of the content I publish, which is effective in increasing account traffic,” says Joseph Wolf.

At IGSights, it is also very easy to find hashtags suitable for your posts. IGSights categorizes various types of hashtags, you can directly click on the topic you publish to find and use the corresponding hashtags. These hashtags are also updated as the hot spots on Instagram change. Make you easily grasp the hot topics.

4. Get your Instagram account analysis timely

In IGSights, you can also get timely analysis of various indicators of your account in the recent period. You can learn the growth of your Instagram followers over a certain period, so as to adjust your account follower increase plan; you can also get what your most traffic posts are, so as to know what kind of content your followers like the most, so you can adjust your Instagram operation plan. You can try to post content that your followers are interested in, so as to increase interaction with your followers and increase the popularity and traffic of your account.

“After learning about the content that my followers like, I seem to have mastered the traffic password, which greatly increased the engagements with followers, and brought more real Instagram followers to my Instagram account.” Joseph Wolf said so.

Best Instagram APP to Boost Your IG

If you want to get real Instagram followers and likes to get more traffic, IGSights is your best choice! you can earn coins by completing system-assigned tasks and daily check-ins, and then use the coins to exchange for real Instagram followers and likes for unlimited.

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After listing the above functions of IGSights, Joseph Wolf also told us that he found that the success of IGSights was not accidental. “When I use IGSights, they never ask me to bind any privacy information, I don’t have to enter my Instagram password, and I never get spam on my Instagram. “Also, IGSights staffs seem no need to rest, formerly I posted my question on the app at midnight and got their reply immediately.”

At the end of the interview, Joseph Wolf once again expressed his gratitude to IGSights and suggested that we should try this all-around Instagram followers app. So now, if you also have a heart that wants to grow real Instagram followers quickly, then click the link to download IGSights!

Notice: If you are using Android, please download IGSights, if you are using iOS, please download INSUP. Both versions are the same. If you want to get accurate Instagram account analysis, Follower Reporter is more suitable for you!