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How To Get 1000 Free Instagram Followers Trial

Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Diana

Instagram followers are the key to becoming popular and building your brand identity in millions of users’ eyes. It extended your growing chances through different social accounts. But how can you achieve it instantly?

With free Instagram followers trials, you can get 1000 active followers. But to get real Instagram followers, you must pay attention to companies authenticity, tool features, and other factors.

This article will focus on different ways, organic hacks, and a reputable company so that you can experience the best Instagram follower trial and extend your marketing channel.


What is a 1000 Free Instagram Followers Trial?

Before heading to the main point: Instagram 1000 free followers trial, let’s understand what an Instagram follower growth service is. It is designed to grow your followers/likes and increase your engagement. Its goal is to boost your business on this platform through likings, followers, followings, and so on.

On the other hand, the Instagram followers trial service is all about getting free followers without a survey or payment. Here, you experience different plans and can pick one as per your follower/like plans.

What’s great about this free trial?

The free trial concept builds a connection with its users and encourages them to try it without any payment. Here are some key strategies for free trials of Instagram growth companies:

  • Builds credibility and loyalty.
  • Allow product or feature comparison from others.
  • Find out the authenticity after comparison, and
  • Build a concept – Try it before buying it.

How does it work?

Some offer a 3-5 days free trial that depends on companies’ policies. When you click the free trial, you will explore three or more affordable packages that fit your needs. After signing up, you may need to answer a few questions or fill up your credit card information. The billing options depend on monthly/yearly.

Also, it works on the following:

  • Start targeting and attracting followers,
  • Engage with your targeted market,
  • Followers and engagement grow, etc.

Benefits and drawbacks of using a free trial

Instagram followers growth service free trial has some pros and cons. Here, we’ve discussed all factors that clear your hesitation and encourage you to explore the trial.

Benefits of the free trial

  • Suitable quantity – Free trial offers you, active followers, in a safe and suitable way.
  • Time-saving – You don’t need to bother thinking about money-guaranteed things.
  • Cost-friendly – Trial offers several plans so that you can choose as per your targeted goal.
  • Increase engagement rate – By offering followers, it helps to get more authentic likes, comments, and customers.
  • Account safety – You don’t face any hacking if you try an authorized services trial.

Drawbacks of the free trial

  • Damage Instagram analytics growth – Using bots, automation, or AI services, your account will get banned and blocked/shadowbanned from Instagram.
  • Fake or ghost followers – Some services offer fake followers that affect your popularity.

Identifying Reputable Instagram Follower Services

Instagram and TikTok, celebrity-like influencers’ strength lies in many followers and their trust in their opinions or business. When you plan to buy Instagram followers from reputable followers services, you experience several benefits without facing any issues.

But before choosing one, you need to go through some checklists that ensure they offer the best services, not bots. Let’s take a look at the key checklists below:

1. Researching and selecting reliable providers

The first key way is to research. Low-quality Instagram follower services offer you ghost or fake followers who are inactive users and don’t build any engagement with your content. Also, you may notice –

  • Zero Instagram account growth,
  • Less engagement,
  • No website clicks, or
  • Zero sales from those followers, and
  • Instagram account ban.

However, the best Instagram follower growth service provides you with real followers who will actively follow you and improve your business.

Along with these, examine some important methods, including:

  • Auto-commenting,
  • Sending automatic direct messages, and
  • Likes photos posted by your targeted audiences.

If you get fake followers, these activities sound robotic and can demotivate your active followers.

2. Assessing user reviews and testimonials

The second one is to keep an eye on the online reputation of each Instagram follower’s service. Websites like Trustpilot or others can help you to find companies’ information and learn about customer experiences after getting their services.

However, third-party review websites, like Yelp, Foursquare, etc., are a great way to get information. Case studies and testimonials are the key things that help you to learn:

  • Company’s authenticity and security levels,
  • In-depth information about how they benefit its users in getting organic followers,
  • Social proof of their services, and so on.

3. Comparing features and trial conditions

When you budget for Instagram growth service, reviewing features and trial conditions is important. Do you want to gain more quality and active Instagram followers? Or, what is your target to achieve your business goal?

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That’s why don’t forget to look into some key factors, including:

  • Instant follower delivery,
  • Free trial available,
  • Bots-free & secure environment,
  • No privacy disclosure,
  • Automatic or package-based likes/followers, etc.

Some reputable and authorized growth services like GetFollowerUp charge a flat fee or free, regardless of your business goals. But some provide multi-tier pricing options. Whatever it is, pay attention to every detail for free trials, which gives you lots of active followers on your initial investment.

Strategies to Maximize Your Instagram Follower Growth During the Trial

Along with the Instagram follower growth trial, you need to focus on organic hacks to create strong Instagram marketing strategies. For this, you need to focus on several key things, including:

1. Consistent posting and engagement

In the social media marketing strategy: consistency is key. From posting to audience interactions, the Instagram algorithm counts every action. That’s why to boost your business or brand on this platform; you need to post timely.

Instagram creators believe a healthy feed is built with “a couple of posts per week, a couple of stories a day”. Keep a close eye on Instagram analytics to observe what gives you the best results. However, try a content calendar to maintain the right rhythm for your brand.

Pro Tip: If you want to get more eyes on your posts, pay attention to niche-relevant competitors’ profiles and notice your users’ interactions.

2. Utilizing hashtags and location tags

Instagram hashtags and geotags are among the best tools for growing IG followers. By using the right hashtags, you can boost your business in three ways:

  • Hashtag-used posts appear on the relevant hashtag page, which allows others to see your posts after clicking on the hashtag.
  • Hashtags fuel the search results on the Instagram Explore page.
  • Relevant and targeted hashtags on your posts/stories help to appear in the main feed.

Along with hashtags and captions, geotags are also effective for your Instagram marketing, such as:

  • Putting your business on the map (brand geographic range) strengthens users’ trust.
  • Geotagged posts appear in top, recent, and location stories, allowing users to discover them organically.
  • Building local engagement by sharing experiences, local foods, traditions, etc.
  • Leveraging user-generated content (UGC) in your social media marketing.

3. Collaborating with other Instagram users

Another effective strategy to grow your followers is to work with like-minded creators, brands, and influencers. By doing this, you will gain a new community and benefit from other brand associations.

When you looking for creators or other Instagram users, pay attention to two important things:

  1. Good engagement rate that suits your brand niche.
  2. Audience size or popularity.

When you partner with other creators, you will be able to grab their followers’ attention to your brand. However, if you have budget issues, you can work with nano and micro influences instead of macro ones.

Precautions and Pitfalls to Consider

From Instagram algorithms to features and account security, you need to follow the best practices to avoid making Instagram marketing mistakes. What are they? Here, we’ve addressed some crucial topics for boosting your online business on this platform.

1. Avoiding spammy followers and engagement

Some third-party apps or tools offer low-price for selling Instagram followers. But when you entice those offers and purchase fake followers, you will experience different blockings, such as:

  • Instagram bans when detected as bots.
  • Destroy the credibility and trust of your active followers.
  • Create suspension when gaining many followers with low engagement (comments, likes, etc.).
  • Add zero monetary value to your services or brands.
  • Backfire within the blink of an eye, and the brand will lose interest in collaborating with you.

2. Safeguarding your account privacy and security

Instagram is one of the most popular social media with a strong community. When you want to promote your business by selling and connecting with your followers, account privacy is a key thing.

Here, we’ve enlisted some precautions you can follow to protect your account from hacking, such as:

  • Never share your IG password with others, and set strong/complex ones.
  • Turn on Instagram’s two-factor authentication to add extra security.
  • Keep a sharp eye when using third-party apps for follower growth or generating automatic likes and comments.
  • Ensure that your email and phone numbers are up to date and link to your device.
  • Remember, Instagram never sends you a DM (direct messaging) asking for your personal details, i.e., passwords.

For more details, you can check out Instagram tips to stay safe.

3. Managing expectations and understanding limitations

Do you want to be a successful influencer or build a brand on this giant social media network? First, you need to plan your marketing strategies. After that, focus on IG limits to boost your sales. For examples:

  • Account activity – Whenever you visit or log in to your account daily, try to engage your users via sharing, commenting, following, etc.
  • Followers number – To avoid bots or spam, Instagram doesn’t allow more than 7,500 followers.
  • Account activities (following, likes, and unfollows) – For a new Instagram account, the limit is 100 actions. But for a trusted user, the limit will go up to 1000 daily actions.
  • User action limits – For video length, a video post requires (60min), a live stream (60min), a reel (90sec), and a story (15sec).
  • Feature limits – Instagram allows hashtags max. 30 per post. For tags 20 per post and mentions max. 10 users.

How to Get Started with Your 1000 Free Instagram Followers Trial?

We all know that Instagram favors those IG users whose has an active follower base. So, to build your brand identity, followers play an important role. If you use the 1000 free Instagram followers trial, you will gain 1000 followers.

After that, IG users who don’t follow you will also start following seeing that you have a thousand fan followers. But the question is: where do you get a trustworthy IG followers trial?

GetFollowerUp has a free trial! And you don’t need to worry about your privacy disclosure. It is one of the most secure Android apps. Want to get it on your device? Here is a step-by-step guide to getting an auto 1000 free Instagram followers trial app.

Real Followers UP + Sign-up process

Step 1: Download & install the app

Download the app from Google Play Store. If you have an IG account place your Email account and set your own password to complete the sign-up process.


Step 2: Complete tasks to earn more coins

After installing you get 7 coins free daily sign-in. By following/liking others, you can earn more coins. Also, you earn extra coins by sharing the app with friends, completing daily missions, and others.

Get coins

Step 3: Get 1000+ free followers

When you earn enough coins, go to the Real Followers UP + reward history page. Get followers with coins.

Get followers

Connecting your Instagram account

When you connect with your IG account with this app, you will get 150 coins instantly.

Here are some more features you can explore:

  • Real followers,
  • No bots, spam, or fake followers,
  • Trusted by thousands of creators, influencers, and brands,
  • Get followers in less than three minutes,
  • 24/7 support,  
  • Organic Instagram growth,
  • Multiple targeting features, etc.

Setting your target audience and preferences

With Instagram follower management tools or apps, you experience a couple of options or plans to purchase more targeted followers. And the prices depend on how many followers you’re planning to purchase.

However, the more you want to get active followers, the more you may need to invest. Some companies come with monthly, yearly, or unlimited package options to boost your business. So, before selecting one, research your own way by exploring free trials.

How to Maintain and Grow Your Instagram Follower Base After the Trial?

Now that it’s clear why you should use get 1000 followers and from where you get an authorized follower trial, it’s time to boost your business. Also, to determine whether you achieve your goal or not, you need to focus on several things, such as –

1. Analyzing the results and learning from the trial

Instagram analytics or Instagram insights are the foundation of your online business. Here, you get plenty of data, i.e., followers’ activities, growth, what’s working and what’s not, plus suggest new strategies. After installing the 1000 free Instagram follower trial, go through IG analytics to build an effective marketing strategy.

You get lots of data about your IG account, like:

  • Account metrics provide engagement rate, follower growth rate (gaining or losing), website referral per traffic, audience demographics, etc.

2. Implementing organic growth strategies

Instagram’s organic growth strategies include choosing the right content format to create a complete bio, Reels, and other factors. Let’s go through all hacks to boost your Instagram business for more details.

  • Effective and compelling bio: Instagram allows up to 150 characters for a bio description. Here, you need to mention your business details and add a link and CTAs to encourage new visitors to follow you.
  • Cross-promote content: If you have multiple social accounts, like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and others, share your new products or services on those platforms.
  • Engagement building: Responding to your followers’ comments increases the conversion rate. You can question stickers on stories.
  • Behind-the-scenes content: You can try several content types to attract your targeted audiences, like memes, inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes, contests/giveaways, etc.

3. Considering paid promotion and advertising options

Instagram paid promotions and ads are strong visually driven factors that instantly grab audiences’ attention. With these features, you can control ads, a place where you want to show the ads, and who can see them.

All you need to determine how much you want to spend on ads. However, there are different types of Instagram ads format, including:

  • Image ads – allow businesses to use single product images for advertising.
  • Story ads full-screen image or video ads with interactive stickers, filters, text, GIFs, and other creative things.
  • Video ads demonstrate how your products look in real, highlight unique features, or show off your brand story.
  • Collection ads combine carousel ads and shopping ads representing your product from the product catalog.
  • Carousel ads are a series of images or videos that users can swipe. It appears in-feed and stories, with a CTAs or swipe-up link to your website.
  • Shopping & Explore ads – shopping ads highlight product features and related descriptions. On the contrary, explore ads are a combination of both images and videos.


Now at the end of this article, we hope you’ve acknowledged all details about 1000 free Instagram follower trials and organic hacks to continue the follower base. Remember to focus on key factors and drawbacks to maintain your Instagram growth strategies.

1. What is a Free Instagram Followers Trial, and how does it work?

Instagram followers’ free trial is designed to give users a service demo. You can enjoy the free trial when you submit your email or account details.

2. How do I find a legitimate service offering a 1000-free Instagram Followers Trial?

GetFollowerUp’s every app (Android & iOS) is authorized and popular among Instagram users. Here, you will find out Real Followers UP + app that offers a 1000-free Instagram followers trial.

3. Are there any risks or drawbacks associated with using a Free Instagram Followers Trial?

When you use an authorized and secure Instagram followers trial, i.e., Real Followers UP +, there are no risks or drawbacks you experience.

4. How can I maximize my Instagram follower growth during the free trial period?

You can implement organic Instagram follower growth hacks, like partnering with creators, using the right hashtags, applying IG features, etc., during the free trial period.

5. Can I trust the followers gained through a Free Instagram Followers Trial to be genuine and engaged?

Yes, you can trust the followers gained through a free Instagram followers trial (Real Followers UP +) are all genuine and engaged.

6. What precautions should I take to ensure my account’s privacy and security during a Free Instagram Followers Trial?

Don’t share your IG password and other personal information with others, and pay attention to DMs because it is not sent via Instagram. All these factors must ensure your account’s privacy during the trial.

7. How do I maintain and continue growing my Instagram follower base after the trial period ends?

After ending the trial period, you can choose any options and follow organic tips to maintain and continue growing your Instagram follower base.

8. Are Free Instagram Followers Trials more effective than other Instagram growth strategies, like paid advertising or organic growth tactics?

No. Both free Instagram follower trials and Instagram growth strategies, like paid advertising or organic growth tactics, effectively boost Instagram’s marketing strategy.

9. Can use a Free Instagram Followers Trial negatively impact my account’s reputation or credibility?

The answer lies in which third-party apps or tools you use. If you use Real Followers UP + your account or credibility, don’t face any negative impact.

10. What are the alternatives to Free Instagram Followers Trials for boosting my Instagram follower count?

Along with the Instagram followers trial, you can maintain and follow organic hacks to boost your follower growth, like:
● High-quality content and maintain consistency in posting,
● Utilize top hashtags and geotags for more reach,
● Partnering with creators and influencers, and so on.

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