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How to Get a Verified Badge on Instagram?

Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by Diana

Instagram verified badge – from brands to social media creators on Instagram want to validate their account’s authenticity by getting the “blue tick”. It gives them a strong online presence and visibility.

Curious to know: how to get a verified badge on Instagram. This guide will help you to earn a verified badge and provide some expert-suggested tips to help you qualify.


Understanding Instagram’s Verification Process

As per Instagram, a verified badge or a blue checkmark indicates that the account is trustworthy and has an authentic presence of brands and public figures. It is designed to mark real accounts so IG users can follow the right person or brand.

Let’s check out more details!

A. Explanation of Instagram’s criteria for verification

As per Instagram’s official statements, anyone can request a verified badge. For this, you need to follow different steps, like –

  • Make sure you have an active IG account.
  • Your profile or account is complete, i.e., bio, profile photo, and so on.
  • You have a strong presence on social platforms.
  • All information you submit in the verification form is real, and many others.

B. Discussion on the purpose of Instagram’s verification process

The purpose of Instagram’s verification process is to stand out from the competition and increase the engagement rate. Other reasons are mentioned below:

  • Credibility – The blue tick represents a status symbol that shows your audiences your account is worth following. If you share any product posts, news, or information people trust your resources more than unverified ones.
  • Visibility – Instagram-verified accounts appear top of instagram search results and help to get more exposure.
  • Special features access – Instagram-verified accounts get exclusive features such as using stickers in Stories and Reels. With these features, you can enrich your engagement and conversions.
  • Impersonation – The main purpose of the verification badge is to ensure account holders and what they offer all are real.

C. Importance of authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability in getting an Instagram Verified Badge

Like others, you may want to request a verified Instagram Verified badge. For this, you need to meet Instagram specifies four general requirements, such as –


Does your Instagram account represent a real person or public figure? Do you run a registered business or brand? No fake account or meme page is allowed.

Note: You’ll need official business documents and ID details to prove your account authenticity.


For Instagram blue tick only one account is required per person or business (language-specific accounts are exceptional). Also, pay attention that general interest accounts are not eligible for Instagram verified accounts, i.e., @puppylover.


Your Instagram profile must have a bio, photo, and post consistency. Also, you need to be active and set your profile settings as public.


The most challenging part is being notable which most struggle with. Notable means your account represents a “well-known and highly-searched” brand, individual, or entity. The IG review accounts can be featured in multiple news sources, but paid or promotional media sources are not counted.

Note: You must need to follow and maintain Instagram Community Guidelines and Terms of Use before requesting the blue checkmark.

However, always pay attention that there is no exact follower count to get a verified badge. Followers with 10K to 100,000+, anyone can apply for the badge if they meet the criteria perfectly. As you know Instagram is linked with Meta, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply for an IG blue tick though your FB account is verified.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for an Instagram Verified Badge

A. Detailed instructions on how to apply for an Instagram Verified Badge

Are you curious to know how you can apply for your verified badge and what information you need to provide? Instagram-verified badge application is quite easy. So, let’s get started together!

Step 1

First, log in to your IG account to request a verified badge.

Step 2

Click the three horizontal lines at the top right corner and select the “Settings and Privacy” option that is shown below.

Settings and Privacy

Step 3

Scroll down and tap the “Account type and tools” (For professionals).

Account type and tools

Step 4

Now click the “Request Verification” option.

Request Verification

Step 5

Here, you notice an application form. You need to fill all fields properly with correct information.

Fill Information

Step 6

After that, click the “Submit” button.


B. Tips and tricks to increase the chances of getting verified

Are you ready to get the Instagram blue checkmark? After applying or before, you can follow different hacks that increase your chances of getting verified, such as –

Completing your IG profile

One of the best and fastest ways to get the blue tick is to provide all the necessary information that gives your profile a genuine and real look. For example, you can add your business details, a well-written bio, and a profile photo. All this info helps to build credibility with your audiences and increase engagement.

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Monitor Impersonator profiles

Are you struggling with impersonators or fake profiles? Don’t worry your profile will get verification from Instagram by detecting others fake. All you need to monitor and document those accounts’ information to report Instagram.

As per Instagram the verified accounts can’t have “add me” links to other social media services in their IG profiles. That means you only have access to add your brand website link, landing pages, or other online properties.

Team up with an agency or publicist

If you have enough budget, you can hire a reputable agency that has access to Meta’s Media Partner Support. They will help you to submit requests by merging accounts that will help you to get a verified badge.

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Getting an Instagram Verified Badge

There are so many misconceptions about Instagram verified badges like you need 10K+ followers to apply, and many others. Let’s check out all the myths about the verification process in the next section!

A. Debunking common myths about the verification process

Here we’ve listed some common myths about the verification process, such as –

  • Myth 1: Verification is time-consuming.
  • Myth 2: The blue checkmark is only for celebrities or popular brands.
  • Myth 3: A verified badge requires 100K or more followers.
  • Myth 4: You need to contact Instagram Corporation or customer support.
  • Myth 5: You can buy an Instagram-verified badge.
  • Myth 6: A blue checkmark requires to use of a special hashtag.
  • Myth 7: The IG blue tick is a sign of fame or popularity.
  • Myth 8: Instagram blue tick can increase your follower count.

B. Clarifying misconceptions about the Instagram Verified Badge

After going through several Instagram-verified badge myths, it’s time to acknowledge the real facts that we highlighted below:

  • Clarification 1: The Instagram verification process is quick and efficient. If you fill in all information correctly you get a response up to 30 days after applying.  
  • Clarification 2: No, anyone has the ability to apply for a verified badge and you don’t need to be a celebrity or popular brand.
  • Clarification 3: Absolutely no. 100K or more followers boost your brand reputation or visibility but doesn’t guarantee a blue tick.
  • Clarification 4: If you provide all IG information perfectly, you can get the verified badge and don’t need to contact Instagram customer support.
  • Clarification 5: Instagram doesn’t sell verified badges to anyone. Some websites or individuals claim to sell verified badges but all are scams.
  • Clarification 6: There is no special or particular hashtag to earn a verified badge from Instagram. You need to apply a request via the Instagram app.
  • Clarification 7: No, the IG-verified badge is a sign of account authentication so that users can find the best brand or business.
  • Clarification 8: The verified badge will not give you any special privileges or increase your followers.

C. Advice on what to avoid when trying to get verified

Here are some important things you need to avoid when you request a verified badge from Instagram.

  • Don’t buy a verified badge: There are many third-party apps or websites that claim to sell verified badges, but all these are scams. As per Instagram, if you purchase one, your account will be banned.

Note: Some DMs appear legit and promise “full refunds”. So, don’t fall for this because Instagram doesn’t contact you or request any payment for a verified badge.

  • Avoid using bots or automation tools: Don’t try to use unauthorized bots or automation tools to increase your followers or engagement. This is against Instagram’s terms of service and risks you an account ban.
  • Violation of Instagram’s community guidelines or service: Avoid posting hate speech, encouraging political issues, or sharing illegal content.
  • Avoid creating multiple accounts: Instagram easily detects duplicate accounts and cancels your verification instantly for all of them.
  • Don’t re-submit verification requests: If you attempt to submit multiple verification requests, IG will consider it suspicious. You can re-submit the form if you don’t get any information from Instagram.
  • Don’t change your username: If you change your username after requesting a verification badge, Instagram will deny verification instantly.

Case Studies of Successful Instagram Verified Badge Applications

A. Sharing stories of successful Instagram Verified Badge applications


Channel is the most popular e-commerce fashion industry with lots of trendy jewelry, eyewear, watches, fragrances, makeup, skincare, and many others. Channel has its own history that gives a unique identity to the fashion world.


Tesla world-famous American automotive and clean energy company that sells electric vehicles, storage systems, solar panels, and many others. The company designs, develops, and manufactures different battery energy and other electric products.

Louis Vuitton

The most popular French luxury fashion house and the company is known as Louis Vuitton. From leather bags to shoes, wallets, perfumes, watches, sunglasses, and many other products are available.

B. Insights and lessons learned from these case studies

Chanel insights and lessons (57.9M followers)

Chanel’s product posts always give followers an eye-catching view of the high-fashion lifestyle. All products they launched or offered are authentic and visually appealing. Most of the time they post on focusing celebrity red carpet looks.

Tesla insights and lessons (9.5M followers)

From showing off affordable electric cars’ performance to energy solutions, Tesla’s IG posts encourage audiences to follow more. The company posts diverse content and responds to its audience queries quickly.

Louis Vuitton insights and lessons(54.3M followers)

Louis Vuitton’s post focuses on celebrity photos and red-carpet looks. They also showcase their brand’s most wearable and popular products. The main purpose of LV is to create vibes about trendy fashion styles among its customers.

C. How these success stories can inspire and guide readers in their own verification journey

All three brands are well-known and famous, but they don’t make this at once. What are their popularity secrets and how do they earn the blue tick? Here we’ve mentioned all the tactics of these brands so that you can make your own.

  • Have a strong business plan. All brand’s business structures and strategies are different. But to build a strong online presence they show Instagram and its audiences that they are legitimate and trustworthy.
  • Engaged and active. By maintaining transparency, they post regularly and interact with their followers.
  • High-quality content. They post engaging content and take advantage of different IG features to build a connection with their audiences.

What to Do If Your Application is Denied

Don’t panic thinking your account will not get any badge. At first, you need to find out which factors affect getting verified. For more details, scroll down to the next section!

A. Understanding why Instagram might deny a verification request

Here we’ve listed some factors why Instagram might deny a verification request:

  • Instagram has specific criteria that you need to meet such as –
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➢ The account will represent a real person or entity and the business needs to be registered.

➢ Provide all necessary information to complete your account. Only need one account per person/business.

➢ The account will be notable and represent a well-known, highly-searched.

➢ Must follow Instagram’s terms of use and community guidelines.

  • Your account is not active and authentic. Instagram goes through every single detail to verify the account like account activity, uniqueness, and post consistency.
  • The account will violate Instagram’s terms of service policies.

B. Steps to take after a denial and how to reapply

If your request is denied, you can reapply a verification request in 30 days. For this, you must receive a cancelation email from Instagram. Here are some steps you can take after a denial from Instagram.

  • Check the reasons thoroughly – Instagram will send you an email mentioning which factors affect your verification process. Ensure you go through all the details and understand every issue.
  • Try to solve – For example, if you face denial for lacking enough followings, you can work on it and increase your followers.
  • Be patient – As we already mentioned Instagram takes several weeks or even months so be patient and continue to meet all eligibility simultaneously.

Let’s check out some tips on how you reapply to verify your account!

  • Ensure that your Instagram account meets all requirements.
  • Use the same form that you used first for verification.
  • Explain all details to prove your authenticity.
  • Recheck all details you submit to the verification form.

C. Encouragement and advice for those who have been denied an Instagram Verified Badge

As an e-commerce owner, your ultimate goal is to increase visibility and engagement. By proving your brand or business’s uniqueness, you can achieve your goal. For this, you may apply to verify your business account but have been denied.

Don’t lose hope, all you need to –

  • Keep learning – There is no one-size-fits answer to qualify for the blue tick. You need to pay attention to all the details and what Instagram is looking for when giving a verified badge.
  • Focus on high-quality content – The best way to get verification is to create real engaging, and visually appealing content that attracts people’s attention instantly.
  • Be active – If you want to build a strong IG community with active audiences, you need to be active on your profile. Also, maintain consistency for posting and use different IG features like Reels, IGTV, Stories, etc.


We hope after going through this article: Instagram verified badge, you will be able to earn your own. So, make sure you follow all rules and steps perfectly. IG verification not only differentiates your brand or business from the crowd but also makes it more trustworthy. If you have any other tips that increase the chances of getting a blue checkmark, feel free to share them with us.


1. What is an Instagram Verified Badge?

An Instagram-verified badge represents the authenticity of an individual or brand. The verified badge helps people to find out real IG accounts and brands.

2. How can I apply for an Instagram Verified Badge?

You can apply for an Instagram-verified badge by following several steps, such as –
● Ensure you’re logged in to your IG profile.
● Tap your profile picture at the right bottom.
● Click the three horizontal lines at the top right and select the “Settings and Privacy” option.
● Tab Account type and tools.
● Click the Request verification.
● Enter your IG account full name and provide all required information (government-issued photo ID or official business documents).

3. What are the requirements to apply for a verified badge on Instagram?

There are two different options to get an IG-verified badge such as –
1. Subscribe to Meta verified (go through the eligibility criteria).
2. For a celebrity, public figure, or brand the requirements are listed below:
● Authentic – Registered business or entity for representing a real person.
● Unique – Instagram allows only one account for a business or person but doesn’t verify general interest accounts. (Exceptions for language-specific accounts).
● Complete – For applying Instagram verified badge, your account must have a bio, profile photo, be public, and be active.
● Notable – Your IG account must be highly searched and well-known as a brand or entity.
For more in-depth details you can visit the Instagram help center.

4. Can I request a verified badge for my business on Instagram?

Yes, you can request a verified badge for your business on Instagram. But pay attention to all details and fulfill Instagram requirements.

5. What are some tips to increase my chances of getting verified on Instagram?

You can follow different hacks to increase your chances of getting verified on Instagram, including:
● Get real and active IG followers,
● Complete your IG profile with accurate information (bio, profile picture, brand or business details, etc.).
● Follow Instagram guidelines to understand verification.
● Stay active on your services or brand activities on your account.
● Don’t buy an Instagram-verified badge and many others.

6. Can I buy an Instagram verification badge?

No, you can’t buy an Instagram verification badge.

7. Can I buy Blue Tick on Instagram?

No, you can’t buy a blue tick on Instagram. Blue Tick is only given by IG to those accounts that meet certain criteria, like authentic, notable, and complete.

8. How can I protect my account from impostor accounts while waiting for verification?

You can protect your account from impostor accounts while waiting for verification by following different tips, such as –
● Avoid following and interacting with accounts that have trust issues.
● Use a strong IG password and enable two-factor authentication.
● Be careful about phishing scams.

9. What should I do if my request for an Instagram Verified Badge is denied?

If your Instagram-verified badge request is denied, you can submit a new request again within 30 days.

10. How can I verify my business on Instagram?

You need to follow several steps to verify your business on Instagram, including:
● Access your IG profile and tap the three horizontal lines at the top right.
● Select the “Settings and Privacy” option.
● Tap the “account” and “Request verification” option.
● Fill out the form with proper information and click the “Submit” button.

11. What kind of identification is required to apply for an Instagram Verified Badge?

Instagram will ask for your full name, government-issued photo ID, or official business documents to apply for an Instagram-verified badge.

12. Do you need 1,000 followers to get verified on Instagram?

No, you don’t need 1000 followers to get a verified badge on Instagram. But it’s a good sign that you have a large number of Instagram followers on your account.

13. Do you need a bio to get verified on Instagram?

Yes, of course. You need a bio, profile photo, and active followers to get verified on Instagram.

14. Can a normal person get verified on Instagram?

Anyone can request and get verification on Instagram. But all you need, to meet necessary requirements to get approval for the blue tick.

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