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How to Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat with Practical Ways in 2023

Last Updated on April 4, 2023 by Diana

Instagram is the foundation of many brands’ or influencers’ social presence. The platform is full of traffic, sales, and engaging customers. Like other Instagrammers, you want to build a solid base of followers to increase your reach and engagement.

You may invest or try several tricks to boost your IG account, but you can’t be able to achieve the position you are expecting. Ever wondered thinking: if there’s a way to cheat on Instagram? Yes, there is. You need to invest time to learn how to get more followers on Instagram cheat for quick results rather than applying shady tactics.

In this article, you’ll discover some practical ways, along with a secure app, to cheat without harming your Instagram account’s long-term strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Why Need to Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat?

As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular and go-to social platforms, with 2 billion monthly active users.

From building connections to driving sales, it becomes the cornerstone for influencers, brands, and social presence. But you need to boost your Instagram account through followers to achieve your goal.

Followers are the symbol of relevancy, popularity (comments, tags, and reshares), and importance. But to increase followers, some choose cheating methods like:

  • Buying fake followers,
  • Using bots,
  • Engaging groups, and
  • Harmful third-party apps.

By following these tricks, you may get a large number of followers within a short time. In the near future, they will unfollow you and won’t add any favors to your long-term strategies. Here, authentic and organic followers only care about and interact with you or your business, which is valuable.

Note: IG engaging or pod is Instagram users groups who commit to interacting with each other’s content to increase reach and engagement.

Curious to explore: how to get more followers on Instagram cheat? The “Instagram cheat” refers to smart methods and trendy hacks that help you to boost your IG presence free rather than bad things. Scroll down to the next section to reveal these smart ways!

How to Get Followers on Instagram Cheat [General Cheats]

Instagram’s algorithm helps users to get the most engaging content that relates to their niche or likings. So, when it comes to cheating this system, the best trick is to give the exact things or fulfill its needs without breaking the rules.

With this in mind, here are our top free 4 practical ways to cheat on Instagram:

Catch a free ride from competitors

Competitors with the same niche analysis and interaction with their followers are one of the best hacks to earn more real followers. Some users prefer to use popular hashtags, like “follow for follow” or “like for like”; these work same as bots. That’s why to get more authentic followers on Instagram cheat, first find out your competitors’ IG accounts.

After that, go through their most active and highest engagement rate followers. If your IG feed is full of relevant and eye-catchy content, they will also follow you. Some guaranteed ways about how do you effectively “steal” your competitors’ followers are highlighted below:

  • Follow, like, and comment on your competitors’ followers’ posts.
  • Use competitors’ most popular hashtags when you plan to post new content.
  • Research which posts are performing the best and note the clues.
  • Visit your competitors’ profiles and reveals other strategies.
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Note: Avoid liking and following too many users at a time and prohibit commenting with the same content. Instagram may suspend your IG account, judging you as a bot if you don’t follow these restrictions.

Analyze your IG account

Another Instagram cheat is using Instagram analytics to research customer persona. With an Instagram business account (free) or converting yours to a business, you’ll get Instagram “insights” such as age, gender, top locations, followers’ active hours & days, etc.

You can optimize your posting schedule and adjust your strategy by using this data. Also, you can use geo-tags in your new posts to get more followers. If you don’t want to convert your account into a business, there are several ways to get real followers, like:

  • Post only well-composed images & videos to your IG account.
  • Optimize your IG bio with relevant CTAs & niche-oriented branded hashtags.
  • Highlight the right & engaging content.

Note: Prohibit including logos & watermarks on your IG content.

Use content Calendar to schedule posts

Creating content and posting it regularly builds your audience. For engaging content ideas for holidays, events, seasons, and sales goals, you invest more time in brainstorming. By using a content calendar and scheduling post ideas, you can still be flexible and post spontaneously.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts and don’t have time to choose the right hashtags or captions, you can choose any social media management tool which fits your needs.

These tools help you to schedule and publish your posts from your chosen device at the best time to get more followers.

Shoutout for shoutout

Another effective Instagram free cheat is shoutout. Instagram shoutout is also called Insta shoutout or IG shoutout. It happens when an IG user mentions you or your brand on their IG feed or posts and asks their followers to check out your IG account.

This way, you get publicity or recognition and more authentic followers. For shoutouts, you need to find some users with the same interests and start commenting on their posts or sharing their content.

After reaching an agreement, you can post photos or stories by using “@” and mentioning each other. For example, photo courtesy @WXW; for more creative images, click this awesome gallery.

That way, you will get opportunities to S4S (shoutout for shoutout). If his/her followers find your content or account interesting, they will continue to follow you. To find out shoutout pages, you need to:

  • Search pages that post similar content by using industry-specific hashtags like #foodphotography, #fashion, etc.
  • Select or count pages with a similar follower count, and so on.

Pro Tip: Try Instagram New Features

One of the most influential and biggest ways to trick the Instagram algorithm is by embracing Instagram’s latest features. A great and fast example is Instagram reels. Reels are the creative approach to delivering content that users like most.

Around 20% of IG users use their time watching reels. If you want to change your social strategy with real followers in your account, this is it. Pay attention to creating quality Instagram reels.

You can try Instagram stories, videos, etc, to attract new authentic followers to expand your reach. However, collaborating with popular influencers or creators can be an effective way to spread your reach. Look for creators who have brand values, large audiences, and are relevant to your brand niche.

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Now it’s time to explore Instagram fast cheat for a straightforward and easy solution. Let’s take a closer look together.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram Cheat Free [Fast Cheat]

All of the practical ways of IG cheat help you to get more followers, which adds value to your IG strategies. But if you want to get real and free followers by applying fast; yet effective methods, you can use follower growth service tools like SocialMax.

It’s one of the best, quick, and safe apps developed by GetFollowerUp to increase Instagram followers without any risks. Followers you get using this app are active and authentic Instagram users who are interested in your IG profile and posts.

Want to explore why you use it? Let’s go through its benefits below:

  • Genuine and engages followers within a short period of time. SocialMax is a perfect app that helps you to create a real IG followers community within a short time. Also, every follower is an active user who shows interest in your post and profile too.
  • No IG password is needed. You don’t need to give any password to install SocialMax on your device. Just sign in after installing the app and get unlimited free Instagram followers in your IG account.
  • Hassle-free installation. You can install it from Google’s Play store without any hassle. All you need to visit the link and click the Install button; after that, this app is available on your device.
  • No ad, No leakage, No bots, and No survey. SocialMax is a powerful and safe follower-growing app to get precise Instagram followers. 100% safe app without any bots, user information leakage, ads, and surveys.
  • Legit services with 24/7 support. If you face any issues related to the app use or need some instruction about SocialMax. Feel free to contact us via email shared in Developer Contact for detailed information.
  • Suggest the best posts and content. By using SocialMax, you get the best post content ideas and captions for your Instagram account. Download the app now to get fame on Instagram with real and authentic followers.
  • Latest post data tracking. SocialMax makes your Instagram account more popular. By using this app, you get the latest post data like new followers data, etc. With this data, you can boost your account and increase your fan followers.

Apart from these benefits, you get several exciting features, such as:

  • Latest post data tracking.
  • Give more dynamic followers & likes.

Want to download and use it?

Step 1: Download or install SocialMax from Google Playstore.

Step 2: For signup, add your email and password.

Step 3: Add your Instagram username and get coins.

Step 4: Spend coins to get free Instagram followers instantly.

Step 5: Share SocialMax and earn coins. You can earn extra free coins for daily check-in.


This article highlights all trendy Instagram hacks on how to get more followers on Instagram cheat in 2023. As you see, these practical ways are not actually tricks with the Instagram algorithm; they are smart cheating methods for quick results.  

However, you can use any tips that are mentioned earlier and consider using tools like SocialMax for a fast and secure increase in followers. With this app, you can utilize the best way to keep your audience at the heart of your Instagram strategy.

Ready to cheat with Instagram and boost your account reach with real followers?

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