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Why Am I Losing So Many Instagram Followers So Quickly?

Last Updated on May 6, 2023 by Diana

Instagram followers are the key to growing your IG community, increasing sales, and client strategy. But do you experience huge follower loss daily or a slow trickle of followers leaving? There might be several reasons behind this loss.

Don’t fret – we’ve covered the top reasons for losing so many Instagram followers and solutions on how to regain them (Instagram follower growth hacks & Bots-free apps).

Factors Contributing to a Decline in Instagram Followers

Are you losing Instagram followers or facing an increase in people hitting unfollow button? Let’s check out key reasons why you’re experiencing these situations!

1. Inactive or fake accounts are being removed by Instagram.

As per Instagram account policies, fake accounts are strictly prohibited on this platform. These bot accounts and fake followers are automatically removed. This could be the reason why your followers count drops in large batches in a single day.

2. Changes in Instagram’s algorithm.

Another factor of losing hundreds or more and limiting your exposure can point to Instagram algorithm updates. The algorithm tracks in-depth activities, like people’s engagement on your posts, inappropriate content limits, account activities, etc.

3. Inconsistent posting and engagement.

The inconsistent posting schedule is a major factor in losing IG followers. Suppose your content can’t reach your targeted audiences, or they can’t engage with it – all lose brand loyalty and trust over time.

4. Low-quality content.

Low-quality, rushed, and off-target content affects your engagement rates. Most IG users value their follower/following ratio – and don’t think twice to click the “unfollow” button on a brand page that posts irrelevant and unhelpful content.

5. Oversaturated niche or market.

Instagram audiences love your post content and follow you for those posts because they can connect with your style or feel attached to the topics you share. But switching niches or changing content style can distract them.

6. Excessive self-promotion or advertising.

As we all know, sharing promotions, offers, and brand collaborations adds value to your Instagram account. But oversharing and being too “sales-y” can lose your followers. If your profile target is to drive sales by sharing special offers and new collections, they’ll take it in a positive way.

7. Not engaging with your audience.

Engagement building is key to growing your Instagram community. But the IG algorithm never prioritizes the accounts when your audience doesn’t feel attached. Your followers want to feel valued and search for a reason why they follow you further.

How to Identify the Root Cause of Losing Followers?

From Instagram algorithm updates to content posting schedules or profile designs, several factors you notice cause followers to lose. But the question is: which factors you recently face?

You can identify the root cause by –

1. Analyzing your Instagram insights and metrics

One of the fastest and most effective ways is to focus on Instagram “insights” for identifying significant changes in your follower count or engagement. Also, you can go through your IG audience reach, impressions, and user engagement performance in your profile.

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Note: The IG metrics and insights help you to track posting frequency, brand awareness, actionable insights, etc.

2. Evaluating content quality and relevance

To build loyalty, trust, and get more active followers, take a look at your recent post patterns. Are you posting too frequently, on-topic, informative enough, and inspiring? Check out your niche-relevant competitors’ accounts and do research.

3. Assessing engagement levels with your audience

Are your profile adding links, trendy or branded hashtags, or do posts grab your audience’s attention? Do you respond to comments timely, or do you follow other IG features (Reels, IG Live, etc)? Are you participating in conversations related to your market or niche?

4. Identifying patterns in follower loss

From Instagram bio to profile design, ensure you provide your best to represent who you are, your business goal, how they benefited by following you, etc. Also, focus on your niche trends, high-quality images, and other parameters to highlight your best approaches.

Strategies to Retain and Attract Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are the key thing to scaling up your marketing efforts on this platform. There are more than 200 million business accounts that people visit every day. What’s the secret behind their popularity or attracting more followers?

Let’s check out Instagram’s social media strategy hacks together!

1. Consistently posting high-quality content

Great Instagram captions with engaging content and a gorgeous Instagram grid evoke new visitors to see more or click the “Follow” button. People love re-sharing posts and mentioning others when they find it useful and inspiring. Also, be aware of posting consistently and maintaining the right time when your audiences are most active.

Pro Tip: According to Hootsuite analysis, you can post 3-7 times weekly. Research past audiences’ engagement and impressions to identify the best time to post.

2. Engaging with your audience and fostering relationships

Instagram stories offer plenty of interactive and engaging features to build strong relationships with your audiences, including poll, question, and chat stickers. Also, you can try Instagram broadcasting live videos to grab attention. Whether you’re a creator or a brand, connect with your community to grow stronger.

3. Leveraging hashtags and geotags for increased visibility

Start with your hashtags: branded ones, targeted & relevant brand hashtags, or product-oriented ones that highlight your account’s authenticity. Also, implement geotags to grab local audience attention. Both tags fuel the Instagram search results on Explore page.

Check out how Number 4 Hair Care uses hyper-relevant and engaging hashtags like #hairroutine, #hairstylist, #haircare, and so on.

4. Collaborating with influencers or other relevant accounts

Another trendy and effective hack to grow your Instagram followers is to work with influencers in your niche or other relevant accounts. You can connect with local business improvement associations or brands. If you’ve budget issues to work with celebrities, you can collaborate with brand ambassadors.  

Note: Consider your business goal and then choose the perfect influencers from nano, micro, or macro influencers.

5. Hosting giveaways, contests, or promotions

Like an Instagram coupon code, contests, giveaways, or promotions are the fastest way to get potential new followers. To build a stronger brand sense of community around your brand, ensure to set clear entry requirements, such as

  • Tag your friends in the comments,
  • Share Instagram stories,
  • Ask people to follow, etc.

Pro Tip: Use user-generated content as a part of your contest to increase brand reach.

6. Utilizing Instagram Stories and other platform features

Embrace Instagram stories and pinned stories highlights to introduce your brand or products who visit your profile. Customize the highlights with great info, cover photos, and content to give visitors why they should follow you. Also, you can try several trendy IG features: Reels, IGTV, etc.

Adapting to Changes in Instagram’s Algorithm

Instagram declares that it has different algorithms, classifiers, and processes to help you build a community of engaged followers. So, to maintain a strong Instagram marketing strategy, you need to –

1. Stay informed about algorithm updates

The Instagram algorithm works differently for Feed posts, Reels, Instagram stories, Explore pages, etc. Follow community guidelines, industry publications, Instagram announcements, and others to improve the relevance and accuracy of your IG account.

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Note: Remember, algorithm updation can also affect SEO.

2. Adjust content and engagement strategies accordingly

High-quality content is a pillar to grab audiences’ eye on your brand or business. On the other hand, Instagram engagement is all about followers’ interactions with your posts, such as likes, comments, shares, and saves. You can engage your audiences by creating polls, asking questions, responding to comments, and replying to stories.

3. Focus on authenticity and genuine connections

Real and active followers support your reputation growth by boosting your authenticity. Also, Instagram’s algorithm strictly focuses on followers’ interactions with your profile. So, ensure that you’ve built genuine connections.

The Role of Patience and Persistence in Growing Your Instagram Following

Persistence and patience – are the two major things to gain Instagram followers and account popularity. Want to be a celebrity-like Instagram influencer or famous brand? First, you need to  

1. Understand that growth may be slow and fluctuating

You must know that consistency is key. Quality, layout, style, information, and other factors help you to achieve your goal. There is no overnight success unless one of your posts gets viral. So, be yourself to engage others.

2. Continue to refine your content and engagement strategies

You are not alone in this platform or niche. For promoting your visibility and offering smooth discoverability, focus on interacting with your followers rather than numbers. However, you can reach your audience’s heart by posting your best of the best.

3. Stay true to your unique voice and niche

If you’re posting stuff that needs more response, be persistent and keep going. Stay true to your creativity and be confident in your marketing strategies. Always set your own goals, like –

  • Make every word count by including trackable links,
  • Show off the brand’s aesthetic,
  • How many followers do you want to have per month?
  • How much time and effort do you need to invest in your niche?

Proven Hacks to Boost Your Following

Are you searching for a way to get more active followers on your IG profile? Apart from those expert-suggested and proven hacks, many IG followers’ growth apps and tools are available.

But confused thinking: where do you get privacy hack-free and instant active followers?

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Losing Instagram followers creates huge harm to your brand’s popularity. So, be aware to focus on why you’re facing this situation, such as fake accounts, Instagram algorithm updates, content quality, etc. Revamp your Instagram strategy, pay attention to your audience’s needs, and create your own community by driving engagement.

Stay focused, persistent, and patient to grow your reach. You can use the GetFollowerUp app and follow other tactics for more authentic and active followers.

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