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How to Get Fake Followers on Instagram for Free [2023 Guide] 

Last Updated on May 10, 2023 by Diana

Want to be a social media celebrity or successful Instagram influencer, or looking for a way to spread brand awareness on IG? One of the most tempting shortcuts is Fake Followers. Though Instagram doesn’t allow bots or fake accounts, you can still get it.  

But as we all know, buying followers from apps or websites will generate many risks, like being banned from IG, unfollowed by real users, losing credibility, and so on. Some users tend to buy them after knowing these factors.

In this article, we will give you different tips on –

  • How to get fake followers on IG for free?
  • How do you detect fake followers and remove them?
  • How do you get real followers through a safe and secure app?

Disclaimer: Buying fake followers is not recommended.

Understanding the Risks of Fake Followers

Social media strategy is changing day by day to protect users’ personal information and gift a secure place. Instagram is one of them. In their community guidelines, they declare different rules and policies to secure your account from bots and hacking.

So, before buying fake followers/likes, let’s check out Instagram’s rules against fake followers below:

  •  Instagram prohibits artificial and fake likes, followers, shares, repetitive comments, content, and other unusual activities.
  • If fake accounts or followers are detected by IG analytics, your account will be banned immediately.
  • Buying or selling followers also are not allowed on Instagram.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will take action on these activities.
  • Fake accounts will impact your engagement rates and credibility.

Ways to Get Fake Instagram Followers

Are you still desire to get fake followers on your IG profile? Or, searching for a way: how to get ghost or fake followers/likes on Instagram? There are two ways: using third-party services (automated software) and buying followers (costly and unreliable).

1. Third-party services and apps that offer fake followers

To get fake followers from third-party apps or services, first visit Google and search mentioning “Fake Instagram Followers” or “Free Instagram Followers.” You get different companies’ services in search engine result pages (SERPs). After that, choose one to get fake ones.

You can go with the most popular apps, like SpamGuard, Phantombuster, etc. Whatever you choose, services or apps, some freely deliver followers while others demand price. Also, the process is easy.

2. Some fake followers generator tools

Some Instagram users try to make their profiles more appealing and popular via fake followers. For this, they buy Instagram fake followers through several generator tools and reach potential advertisers or clients.

Here, we’ve listed some popular fake or free followers generator tools below:

  • Project Insta
  • Mr. Insta
  • Nitreo
  • Skweezer

How to Remove Bots and Fake Followers on Instagram?

Fake followers will backfire after a couple of days which will destroy your reputation. That’s why IG users don’t support buying followers. Before removing bots, in the next section, let’s look at what problems you face through bots and fake accounts.

Problems of having fake followers and Bots on Instagram 

  • Mismatched engagement compared to real accounts.

Instagram engagement rate depends on several things: followers, posts, comments, shares, likes, clicks, saves, etc. According to the followers count, the engagement rates are given below (from Hootsuite):

  • <1,000 followers: 8%
  • Fewer than 10,000 followers: 0.76%
  • 10,000 – 100,000 followers: 0.63%
  • More than 100,000 followers: 0.49%

The ratio may fluctuate depending on Instagram updates. Through fake followers, you can’t meet these ratios that raise questions about your popularity.  

  • Bot comments on posts.
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Sometimes, your posts may get bot comments in a different language. You may have no idea how to respond or confirm whether it is real or not. Also, some comments may be inappropriate for the particular post.

  • Bring spam to your account.

By buying fake IG users, you invite spam posts to your account. This will happen with your email if you provide the actual address when confirming payment. Also, you give access to those people to spread their spam and harm your security.

Note: Your real followers may unfollow you to protect their accounts.

  • Banned account.

Fake followers can’t trick the Instagram algorithm. It considers both likes/followers number and engagement levels. If you buy followers who don’t comment or show genuine follower activity, your account will be banned by Instagram.

  • Destroy credibility & performance metrics.

If you have a lot of fake accounts or purchased followers, the numbers will be high compared to the organic process. But what about engagement? It will be getting low because of fake user interactions.

Note: You can’t determine what’s working and improve your IG account strategy (performance & engagement metrics).

  • Destroy brand reputation

Real users won’t follow you, and brands/influencers will avoid working with you. Those negative impacts will last longer than your fake accounts or followers. Also, regular IG users will notice if fake ones mostly follow your posts or account.

Tips on how to detect and remove fake followers 

Sometimes, fake followers appear as real ones and arise difficulties for you to identify. This happens because of lacking displaying warning signs. But for spotting or detecting Instagram fake followers, you can follow different hacks, like –

Check out fake followers by going through several factors:

  • No photos or posts of followers: If IG users follow an Instagram influencer or brand without any posts, profile bios, pictures, or “spammy” usernames, it is considered fake followers.
  • Irrelevant or spam comments on profile: If an influencer has lots of fan followers, it notifies that their followers are active. Go through their comments and photos, if attached any.
  • Following & Followed numbers: Popular ones have lots of followers and similar or little less followed his/her account. But when you notice the big gaps, these are fake Instagram followers.

Followers engagement: If an Instagram account has 10K+ followers, it can be normal that their engagement rates will be proportional. For figuring out calculate the total number of likes and comments and divide it by the total number of IG followers.

Lots of action within a few days: With just a glimpse of an eye, an account gets hundreds or thousands of followers. Instagram users have an idea that popularity or engagement doesn’t come easily.  

Empty, hidden, or copied IG profile sections: Fake accounts don’t put much effort to create a realistic and eye-catchy bio. Sometimes, they will leave the section empty or just fill it with minimum details.

Tools for Detecting Fake Followers on Instagram

In this digital era, you get different fake followers checker websites that help IG users like you and brands detect followers that are not real. With this tool, you will get several benefits, like they ensure your account has the right number of followers without any investment.

  • InsTrackAnalyzer (follower data tracking app),
  • GRIN (fake influencer & credibility tool),
  • Modash,
  • Analisa,
  • SocialAuditor, etc.

How to protect your account from bots and fake followers?

Real followers add value in the long term, but fake ones create problems that affect your credibility, trust, and your Instagram marketing. It happens because these are bots and fake accounts.

Want to reduce these risks and gain popularity? We’ve enlisted tested tips to remove bots and fake followers below:

Note: If you notice a follower increase in your profile, but low likes or comments. Check your profile is safe from hacking.

  • Be selective and avoid following back everyone who follows you without verification.
  • Use the Instagram analytics feature to notice unusual actions like comments.
  • Notice suspicious activities on your account, like a sudden bunch of likes or followers.
  • Avoid to posts too many pictures of yourself and repeating postings.
  • Make sure you turn on “Only people I follow” on Instagram settings.
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Alternatives to Acquiring Fake Followers

When building brand authenticity and earning popularity, real followers are ideal and last a long time. Already you’ve noticed fake followers risks, IG policies, and other issues. The best and most effective alternative to acquiring fake followers is real ones.

Curious to explore its benefits? Scroll down now!

Benefits of having real followers

Real and active IG followers are assets that add value day by day. These followers work on a straightforward algorithm, allowing you to make a name within legit methods. A profile’s popularity or brand recognition depends on real follower numbers.

Why consider the Role of Quality over Quantity? Let’s check out below:

  • Build brand awareness.

According to statistics, IG users visit more than 200 million business accounts daily. Real followers help you to build your brand and get noticed without spending promotional costs.

  • Increase visibility.

Organic followers help to grow your impression and reach with more engagement and audience Instagram growth. Ensure that you have used trendy hashtags, compelling content, post consistently, etc.

  • Get more traffic to your website.

Active and real followers encourage others to explore your profile, visit your site URLs, and check out your story feeds. If you have a business account, these types of activities boost your engagement rates and sales.

  • Improve social proof.

Real followers will bring you popularity and trust, automatically boosting your other social media growth. If you run a business, authentic followers and likes also build credibility toward your clients.

  • Get more attention.

Do you want to be an Influencer or build your own brand? When you get many people who love you and show love on your posts, it will help you reach your targets.

Want to enrich your IG profile with real followers? With the INSUP iOS app, you can gain more authentic and active followers to promote your business/account.

How to use the INSUP app to get real followers (IOS)

When it comes to getting real Instagram followers, INSUP is on the top list. It is considered one of the most popular and secure IG boost apps with professional followers and likes growth. The installation process is easy.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Download INSUP from the APP Store and install it.

Step 2: To sign up use your Instagram Username.

Step 3: After signing in you get 30 coins instantly & real followers/likes.

Step 4: Follow, likes & invite friends/people to get almost 50+ free Instagram followers.

Note: By using the code that is given by INSUP, you can invite people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are fake followers illegal?

No, there are no rules on Instagram that highlight buying followers is illegal.

Can you really get fake followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can get fake followers on Instagram from several sites or apps at different prices.

Did Instagram delete fake followers?

Instagram account removal policies clearly declare that fake accounts aren’t welcome on this platform. These accounts are counted as bots.

How to get Instagram fake followers fast?

You can use third-party apps or websites from our listings. But to protect your account, you can use INSUP to get active and authentic followers and likes.

How can you tell if someone’s followers are fake?

You can use fake followers detection tools from our listings or apply any hacks we mentioned earlier.

Do celebrities buy fake followers?

No, if their real and active followers help them to reach their targets, there was no need to buy likes and followers to their posts. Though some prefer to buy and it fully depends on their likings.


The risks of buying fake followers affect your account’s credibility, user engagement, and Instagram strategy growth. That’s why the organic way is the best thing to enhance your popularity.

And these followers will pay you in several ways, resharing posts, comments, likes, etc. If you want to get real followers, try INSUP, a secure and 100% safe app without any bots.

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