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Where Can I Buy Automatic Instagram Likes and Comments?

Last Updated on April 21, 2023 by Diana

From trendy brands to small business owners, Instagram has become a revenue-generated platform with more than 500 million Instagram users. But the question is: how do you convert this vast audience to your business?

The answer is: Instagram engagement comes with likes, comments, and followers.

Along with automatic Instagram likes and comments tools, you can grow massive followers over time – not bots or fake followers, full of real fans, and so on.

Understanding Automatic Instagram Services

Instagram automation is the process of using third-party software or tools and apps that perform various tasks automatically. That means it manages your Instagram account on your behalf. These types of tools can help you to –

  • Schedule Instagram content,
  • Focus on publishing, reporting, or Instagram analytics,
  • Send auto likes, comments, and so on.

Note: IG automation tools are considered bots, but it doesn’t suitable for risk-free apps or software.

What are Automatic Likes and Comments?

Automatic likes and comments for Instagram indicate third-party tools that will produce automatic likings and comments on your IG posts. It is the easiest and fastest method to make large audiences.

How do they work?

These tools are linked to your IG account. After installing some apps like Real Followers UP +, you get organic likes and comments instantly on your account. Some auto likes tools work on a “like for like” system. But these tools can’t add long-term value. However, the working process depends on tool selection.

Pros and Cons of Buying Automatic Likes and Comments

As we all know, on Instagram, likes and comments can boost a brand’s reputation. It’s a win-win thing for everyone: generate leads, grow your IG followings, and so on. But a bunch of likes and comments on your posts: is it really add value to your profile?

Here, we’ve enlisted some pros and cons of it so that you can take the best decision for your IG growth and maintain a long-term strategy.


  • Increased visibility

If your brand page gains more followers and posts have Instagram comments, the IG algorithm recognizes it as a popular one. After that, your business or services may appear in different person’s newsfeeds. Also, it increases the chances of getting new followers and enables your profile to reach a larger audience.

  • Credibility boost

High post-engagement builds trust and authority, which can open up more opportunities (partnerships & collaborations). Also, you can compete against heavy-hitting accounts in your same niche. These Instagram engagements also work as social proof that entices others to take action instantly.

  • Time-saving

Like other social media strategies, Instagram organic engagement and follower is time-consuming. But with these automation tools, you can instantly buy Instagram comments and likes. Also, reduce your extra workloads, like researching what’s working, gathering reports, etc.

Pro Tip: Some tools help you in content analyze that audience like most and schedule posts to grab active users’ attention.

  • Give insight

IG automation helps you to uncover your target audience’s “hidden secrets”, like what type of content they prefer or engage most with, active times, etc. Some suggest trendy hashtags and preferences. Others may provide analytics management features for reports that you can use for your business growth.  

  • Enhance sales

Instagram declares that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business on this platform and gain 80% of users’ trust in making a purchase decision. You can divert this vast traffic to your business with more likes and comments. Also, you can create scripts to answer FAQs.

Note: Some automated IG tools help you to respond instantly (real-time answers) by providing your shipping process, how-to checkout, product info, etc.


  • Potential spam

You may end up buying fake Instagram comments and likes. Not all companies serve authentic and real tools that enhance your IG growth. Also, some automated messages or comments may appear unusual.

  • Inauthentic engagement

Buying IG comments and likes may end up losing them, that damage your brand reputation. Some tools or apps may offer you random followers, likes, and comments that appear unreal to your potential IG clients.

  • Possible account suspension

To protect its platform security, Instagram strictly prohibits buying likes, comments, and followers. Some automated tools come with bots and restricted accounts that hamper your account security and violate IG rules. If IG analytics detects these types of activities, your account will ban for a lifetime.

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Top Providers of Automatic Instagram Likes and Comments

The following 5 auto likes and comments apps are bots-free and 100% secure without any ads. Each app comes with top-quality, transparent, and straightforward Instagram growth services. Let’s get started!

Real Followers UP +

Real Followers UP + is one of the best and most secure Android Instagram automation tools with real-time insights. You can use it to get active IG followers, authentic likes, and comments. All you get is the highest quality likes on the market.


  • Get real and authentic followers, likes, and comments instantly.
  • No human verification is needed.
  • Ads-free & bots-free app.
  • Eye catchy UI & UX.
  • Easy-to-navigate.
  • No survey or password is required for installation.
  • Provide instant 24/7 customer support whenever you need it.


  • Free

Pros & Cons

  • Instant likes and comments.
  • Excellent client service.
  • Active and real Instagram followers.
  • 100% secure and safe (No leak & no hack).
  • Banned risk-free.
  • Lack of post-editing features.
  • No suggestion about trendy hashtags.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 stars


SocialMax is an Android-based Instagram tool focused on your brand growth in an organic way. It uses almost all types of AI technology to create authentic engagement. Using this tool, your content or posts get organic Instagram users’ likes quickly.


  • Supports multiple accounts.
  • Great & authentic comments that build trust.
  • Precise Instagram followers and likes instantly.
  • Risk-free automated tools.


  • Free

Pros & Cons

  • Reliable & secure app.
  • Robust Instagram likes & comments features.
  • Followers are active & real individuals.
  • No real-time analytics.

Customer Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 stars

Follower Reporter

It is one of the best and most popular Instagram automation tools that offer real Instagram users likes and comments on your account. With this app, you can fulfill your business target and build a loyal fanbase. Installing this app on your Android device makes you earn coins instantly.


  • Automatically follow people.
  • Track Instagram users’ data to expand your follower base.
  • Real & organic followers/likes.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • Get free coins by doing tasks.

Pro Tip: You can buy services by exchanging coins.


  • Free

Pros & Cons

  • Easy setup.
  • Only engages with real Instagram accounts.
  • Help you to reach your niche-based audience.
  • Automatically increase likes & comments.
  • Secure & bots-free app.
  • Available for Android devices.

Customer Reviews

  • 3.2 out of 5 stars


INSUP is one of the best Instagram followers apps for iOS Instagram users. It offers several features to target your service-oriented audiences so you can boost your business effectively.


  • Provide accurate and professional Instagram account followers.
  • Offer organic likes/comments to your posts.
  • Smart AI technologies.
  • Techniques are compliant with IG’s best practices.


  • Free

Note: You can earn coins through daily check-in, inviting friends to your account, or can buy coins after paying.

Pros & Cons

  • No privacy disclosure.
  • Intelligent targeting system to find real followers.
  • Auto-like, auto-comment, and auto-followers.
  • 24/7 and responsive customer support.
  • No real-time & updated IG analytics.

Customer Reviews

  • 4.4 out of 5 stars


INSBOOSTER is an Instagram automation tool that lets you interact with your target audience, and deliver comments/likes. This app has a great reputation and has been a favorite in the Instagram growth market for a while.


  • 100% secure & safe.
  • No privacy leak.
  • Improve IG engagement with fast & instant followers.
  • Authentic likes/comments.


  • Free 

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent customer service.
  • High-quality likes/comments.
  • Secure & bot-free.
  • No free trial.

Customer Reviews

  • 4.1 out of 5 stars

How to Choose the Right Provider?

There are plenty of companies that serve different social media services. But to protect your data, you need to maintain several things, such as –

Assess Your Goals and Budget

Before buying automatic likes and comments, define your numbers and objectives. This also depends on your budget and the plan choice. Some companies offer you basic, premium, or packaging solutions. Others may offer you “instant or gradual” offer options.

However, premium options may offer you several features at a time. If you have enough budget, you can go with this. But be aware of fake followers, so think twice before buying a huge number.

Evaluate Provider Features and Reliability

There are a lot of companies that sell fake Instagram likes, followers, and comments. So, before relying on automation tool providers, check out these factors:

  • Assess available features.

Delivery time, high-quality Instagram auto likes, authentic comments, real followers, bot-free tools, and other factors represent providers’ authenticity. So, before confirming your purchase or installing the app on your device, check out the developers’ guidelines and feature lists.

  • Consider customer support and responsiveness.

The real and popular ones support you in every moment. If you face any issue, they will be on your side to overcome it together. So, it is necessary to ensure customer support and responsiveness.

  • Examine the company’s reputation and reviews.

A reputable, detail-information, tools-specific data, and other things represent a reputable company, like GetFollowerUp. If you find that a website which has information lackings: how the service works, what they provide, and others, avoid them. Look at the FAQ section and ensure the company is helpful and honest about customers’ doubts.

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Test the Service

After finalizing the providers, you can test their service before confirming payment or installation. How can you do that?

  • Start with a trial or smaller package.

Some companies offer a free trial or a smaller package that helps you to explore those apps or tools’ features in depth. These offerings encourage users most and give a positive vibe about their services.

  • Monitor results and engagement quality.

After installing, your work is to monitor results and engagement quality to verify their promises. For that, you can use Instagram analytics tools or use your favorite one.

Staying Safe and Compliant

Want to boost your Instagram presence by maintaining Instagram policies and guidelines? Here, we’ve listed key things that help you to protect both your account privacy and personal information.

Instagram Guidelines and Policies

When it comes to Instagram automation on this platform, there are plenty of things that Instagram strictly declared to prohibit. So, to protect your valuable account and business from being banned, let’s go through Instagram rules below:

Overview of Instagram Rules Regarding Automation and Third-party Services

The most asked question from IG users is: are Instagram automation tools legal?

The automation tool is technically legal as long as it complies with Instagram’s Platform Policy. Also, you need to take a look at Instagram community guidelines and terms of use to avoid rule violations.

For more details, let’s scroll down to the next section!

Instagram Automation Rules

  • Don’t auto-post content to different networks or in your IG profile.

Note: You can use automated tools for scheduling your posts.

  • Don’t post spam or unauthorized commercial communication.
  • Ensure to provide unique and human-tailored comments.
  • Don’t store or cache your Instagram login information.
  • Avoid using Instagram API to display user content, manage Instagram relationships, and others without Instagram’s prior permission.

Note: When you use third-party apps, go through the authorization details.

Risks and consequences of non-compliance

  • Remove content that violates Instagram community guidelines.
  • Remove entire posts if the imagery or associated captions violate Instagram guidelines.
  • Disable or banned Instagram accounts.
  • If detect risks, i.e., physical harm or threat to public safety, take legal action.

For more information, you can check out the Instagram Help Center or Community guidelines.

Tips for Maintaining Authenticity and Trust

If you desire to boost your account, there are lots of legitimate tricks. It might take time, but the followers, likes, and comments you earn count for a lifetime. Let’s check these out!

Engage with your audience genuinely

You can engage with your audience by incorporating new features like Reels, adding trendy hashtags, and working with brand ambassadors or popular Instagram influencers. Also, you can add geotags, organize your stories in highlights, and run contests or giveaways.

Post high-quality content

Try to demonstrate a clear proposition about your brand (i.e., styling tips, inspirational quotes, product details, etc.) for converting visitors into followers. Ensure your IG content is accessible to all. Also, analyze your competitors high performing content, like which CTA caption earns more engagement, what posts attract more audience, etc.

Combine automation with organic growth strategies

Combining automation with organic growth tactics is one of the most effective and easiest ways to grow an account. When you earn more engagement, the relationship with your community will grow stronger. Also, you have people who trust and believe in your sharable content and posts too.


How long does it take for the purchased likes and comments to appear on my posts, and is the delivery speed customizable?

If you try automated tools from our listings, you can get instant likes and comments after installing and signing up. But when you purchase from others, it may vary on their app or tool variation.

However, the customization of delivery speed depends on companies policies, so it’s ideal to contact your preferred ones.

Is it possible to get customized or targeted comments related to my content, or are they generic?

Yes, it is possible. Some automated likes and comments providers, like GetFollowerUp, could offer customized options related to your content. But some come with instant; yet organic likes and comments after installing the app on your device.

What is the typical cost of purchasing Instagram likes and comments, and are there any hidden fees?

Most of mentioned top providers’ automatic likes and comments apps for iOS and Android are free. Also, there are no hidden fees you explore.

Will buying Instagram likes and comments affect my account’s visibility in the Instagram algorithm?

If you buy, IG likes, and comments from a renowned company, such as GetFollowerUp, your account’s visibility doesn’t affect the Instagram algorithm. They offer bots-free, secure, and 100% authentic Instagram followers.


There’s no doubt that automatic Instagram likes and comments help you to reach your targets. All you need to ensure the providers have the potential to secure your data, like GetFollowerUp, and offer features that help you to grow engagement. To boost more sales and grow organically, try implementing Instagram hacks and automation.

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