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How to Get 1K Real Followers on Instagram in 1 Hour

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Diana

The challenge of gaining 1k followers on Instagram as a beginner is daunting and burdensome too. As you know, some traditional ways require time and money to get 1K followers. But after spending, you might face legal issues or can’t achieve your Instagram goals.

Thinking about: how to get 1K real followers on Instagram in 1 hour? In this article, we will introduce you to a fast and free method to get 1k real followers on Instagram, along with reliable Apps. Let’s get started!

Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 1 Hour: Real Followers UP + (Android)

The most asked question of Instagram users is: How to get 1K followers on IG in 1 hour without paying in 2023? You’ve several apps and services to get 1K Instagram followers in 1 hour. But are they reliable or work perfectly without blocking?

Real Followers UP + is a secure and free app with all the essential features you need. Also, it helps you hack organic 20K or 1M+ Instagram followers. Let’s explore below how it works and what benefits you get after installing it!

How it works and What are its benefits?

Before heading to app benefits, let’s explore how it works. Real Followers UP + offers you real-time insights, free real & active followers, and likes. And for this, you need to –

  • Earn coins by doing simple tasks like following other authentic IG accounts and liking their posts.
  • After earning coins, you can exchange them to buy real Instagram followers & likes.

It’s time to discover Real Followers UP +‘ benefits. Let’s get started!

The App is well-designed, user-friendly, easy to navigate, and compatible with iOS and Android devices. That means you can install it on any smartphone. Real Followers UP + allow you to get, follow, and like authentic Instagram users’ profiles and posts.

What’s more?

  • Get 1K, 20K, or more free unlimited followers within 1 hour.
  • No human verification, survey, and password is required.
  • Enjoy free followers and likes instantly.
  • Protect your personal information from being leaked.

Note: No Bots are allowed and banned once after detected.

Why it’s a safe and reliable option for you?

The reason to choose and install Real Followers UP + on your device is more than just getting 1K followers on your IG account in 1 hour. For details, let’s go through the details below:

In this way, you get more followers and increase your engagement effectively.

  • 100% Secure & instant: Real Followers UP + developed by a professional and expert technical team whose aims are to offer you real & free followers/likes. No risk, no bot, no ad, no survey & password is allowed in this App.
  • Cost-effective & additional likes: You can get extra coins if you follow/like. By publishing a task, your IG account will receive more active followers simultaneously, and it’s completely free. Also, your latest post gets more responses with likes as well.
  • Instant and 24/7 support: Provide specialized support and is always available to help you in any situation.

Now, it’s time to download the App on your device, let’s scroll down!

Quick Steps to Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 1 Hour

As mentioned, Real Followers UP + is developed to help you get 1K, 20K. Or more free followers/likes on IG in 1 hour instantly. Let’s go through the easy steps below:

Step 1: Free install the 1000 followers Real Followers UP + App on your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Sign up with your email address and log in.

Step 3: Add your Instagram username and you’ll get 200 coins instantly as a reward.

Step 4:Get coins by following other real ig accounts or liking others’ posts.


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After getting 1K followers on IG in 1 hour free, without human verification, Real Followers UP + provides another choice: daily Instagram followers offer to get authentic followers. Or, you can spend coins to get extra followers/likes daily.

Want to try paid options for more engagement? Scroll down to the next section now!

Buy 1K Followers on Instagram in 1 Hour: Lightning Fast

You might have confidence in your Instagram content. But imagine if it gets 10K or 20K likes/followers. Pretty incredible! You can do it by buying IG followers by spending a few dollars.

From spreading brand awareness to being a social media celebrity, buying 1K followers on Instagram is a tempting way. But some become successful by owing real audiences, and others may face legal issues from Instagram.

Want to buy followers for your account? Go through some options below:

Options for buying followers on Instagram 

Like some users, do you want to buy Instagram followers and likes? Before that, go through the Instagram community guidelines for detailed information. However, let’s look at different options on how to buy Instagram followers.

  • You can choose companies that sell fake followers within a few dollars to thousands.
  • After that, pick a plan like basic, premium, or others.
  • If you have enough budget, you can buy likes or views.  

Note: Most of the purchasable followers are either bots or inactive accounts.  

In the next section, let’s look at the results of buying IG followers and likes.

Pros and cons of buying followers

Instagram is the most popular social media for building brand value and engagement. Here, the numbers of followers/likes are impressive. Also, it helps to –

  • Increase visibility: Higher follower counts and performance metrics offer positive signals in your IG account. That means, without enough likes/comments, your content may not appear on your follower’s feeds.
  • Increase engagement: For a new post, you can buy likes/comments for more attention, which helps show up in the Explore tab on relevant IG users. Also, it could boost your post’s chances as the top one for a hashtag that lots of people follow.
  • Build brand authority: Boosting the metrics can help to achieve credibility as social proof. More followers/likes mean more engagement with the brand authority.  
  • Encourage brands & influencers to collaborate: When your account gets more followers/likes, brands and influencers are convinced enough to collaborate with you.
  • Earn more sponsored: A large number of followers allows you to get paid higher like micro-influencers with 10K+ followers can earn $240 or more per post.

However, apart from advantages, there have some disadvantages if you buy followers from unauthorized or fake companies like –

  • No guarantee of Long-term Value: The buying ones provide short-term perks to your IG account. Most of cases, they don’t interact with your content/posts. If you run an ad to launch your product, the pricing will depend on the follower count and fake accounts only make you pay more.
  • Risk your brand credibility: Large audience and little engagement will create suspicion. Instagram analytics metrics pay attention to these movements. Also, tools like Hootsuite can detect negative comments.
  • Impact on performance metrics: Fake followers will reduce your organic engagement rate. The metrics will drop if you have a large audience that barely responds or gives few likes and comments.

Apart from these pros, your account may face legal liability or can ban from Instagram. Most social platforms like Instagram forbid users to create fake accounts and buy fake likes/followers to maintain account security.

But when you buy or spend your money on an authorized one, you can observe your growth in the long term. How can you get one? Scroll down for details!


GetFollowerUp is the most trusted and popular site for buying Instagram followers. Only you need to visit the site and choose the plan that suits your IG account. After that, fulfill your payment process with Paypal, Visa, or any other suitable online account.

Here, we show you an example of how you can get 1K followers on IG with GetFollowerUp.

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Step 1: Visit the official site.

Step 2: Click “Download Apps” for buying Instagram followers/likes.

Step 3: You can place an order after choosing your preferable apps.

Sounds easy right? Why delay? Go to buy authentic and active Instagram followers at the best price.

How to Get 1K Followers on Instagram in 1 Hour: GetFollowerUp Apps

Without human verification, no survey, and free of cost, GetFollowerUp helps you to solve how to get 1K followers on Instagram in 1 hour. However, to give you more choices, they offer you five 1000 followers apps so that you can get real and active 1K IG followers/likes within 1 hour continuously.

Other GetFollowerUp apps to consider

Want to get more accurate & authentic likes/followers on your IG account along with real-time analytics, and trendy hashtags to be at the top? Choose any GetFollowerUp Apps that are mentioned below:

Android Version:

It is one of the best Apps developed by GetFollowerUp developers for Android devices. It helps you to get 1K authentic followers and grow your IG account. Want to know how to generate more attractive posts and captions for your IG account? Install the app now!

Another popular Instagram follower and likes App is Follower Reporter. It helps you to expand your follower base, provides real-time popular hashtags, and analyzes your Instagram account data.

iOS Version:

INSUP is the most popular Instagram followers booster for iOS users. You can gain all real Instagram followers who are interested in your profile. For organic growth and to get 1K+ followers in 1 hour, you need an Instagram account.

Note: INSUP is not affiliated with Instagram and never discloses your privacy.  

As the smartest IG account tracker, it is a complete package that provides you with everything for your Instagram boost. From reliable professional or reliable tools to 1K+ followers/likes, you get everything in one app. For this, you need an IG account but no password.

Note: 100% secure, fast, and instant deliver your service.

It is one of the best solutions to manage and grow your IG engagement with the latest updates and powerful analysis features. With just one click and an Instagram account, you can get the most accurate and reliable information about your IG account. Want to manage your IG account by using faster and more accurate analysis insights?

Comparing features and benefits of various apps

App NameFeaturesBenefits
SocialMax● Ttrack followers & unfollowers.
● Suggest the best time posts & content for your IG account.
● Track the latest post data.
Give more dynamic likes & followers.
● Help to boost your account and get the fame that you target.
Follower Reporter● Instagram account insights.
● Grasp the traffic password for you.
● Latest & hot hashtags.
● Real & authentic likes/followers.
● Fulfill your growth of follower/likes aspirations.
INSUP● Attractive UI interface
● Deep insights into your followers & likes trends.
● Monitor & manage your account anytime anywhere.
● Compatible with iPhone, iPhone touch, & Mac
● Apart from real & active followers/likes, you discover powerful features to boost your profile.
INSBOOSTER● Provide recent growth trends of likes.
● Trendy hashtags.
● Compatible with iPhone, iPhone touch, & Mac.
● Help to improve your IG engagement, and boost your follower.
● Help to grasp the data & get your account changes.
InsTrack Analyzer● Latest updates & real-time IG analytics.
● Hottest post/story.
● Follower data (new/hidden/ghost).
● Provide users with hot Instagram hashtags.
● Help to manage your account with real-time Instagram data every day.

Common Ways to Get 1K Followers on Instagram

With GetFollwerUp, you explore an effective shortcut to get 1K+ IG followers. You can go through Instagram in traditional ways that still work for more engagement or followers. For example,

  • Take advantage of IG features – Reels, IG stories, current trends (i.e., publishing videos), popular hashtags, creative content, and other great features that help you to get more followers.
  • Run a contest or Challenge – You can search for hashtag challenges by opening Explore page. After that, run a simple challenge with an IG giveaway, like a 30-day photo challenge, hosting Q&As, or others.
  • Like & comment on top posts – You can attract followers by engaging with the Instagram community. Also, can add a website link to your IG profile.
  • Add high-quality photos – High-quality photos entice audiences most to your IG profile and build trust.

Want to explore successful Instagram accounts that gained followers using traditional methods?

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers (41.8+ followers) their Instagram is filled with delicious and high-res food photos and authentic content.

Teva fashion & beauty brands (463K followers) – User-centric content and stories highlighting their shoes fit in different places & situations.


At the end of this article, we hope you get the best way to get 1K followers on Instagram in 1 Hour. If you want to get more like 10K or 20K+ followers/likes without paying, Real Followers UP + is the most secure and reliable option without any risk or ad.

But if you have a budget, you can go with GetFollowerUp android or iOS real & free apps. For more features, you can purchase by spending a few dollars. However, along with these apps, you can try traditional Instagram tips.

Whatever options you go with, don’t forget to share your opinion!

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