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How to Get 300 Free Followers on IG Daily 2023 [App & Tips]

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Diana

Are you a Social media manager, influencer, or tech-savvy looking for ways to get free followers on IG daily? Then you’re in the right place. You must know some people buy followers or boost posts.

But these tricks work temporarily and can backfire as time flies. In the meantime, authentic, meaningful, and organic Instagram growth doesn’t happen overnight. Why? Here, the most active brands or business owners post 17 stories per month.

For expanding your own brand’s reach and getting more followers, in this article, we’ll share a spam-free app and 5 Instagram-market trendy tactics in 2023. Let’s jump into the list and aim for success.  

How to Get 300 Free Followers on IG Instantly?

Instagram is the go-to social media network, with around one million active users for sharing photos and videos. Here, Real Followers UP + provides various offers for users, and getting 300 organic free followers or more daily is not a difficult thing. And you can do it in a fast and accurate way. How?

Number of monthly active Instagram users
Data from statista.com

You have to ask Real Followers UP + to boost your profile’s popularity and give 300 real followers. What is it? A free Instagram Followers App developed by GetFollowerUp can be downloaded on your device. With this IG followers increase assistance, you will get several benefits, including:

300 to Unlimited Free Followers & Likes

No money is needed to use Real Followers UP + to get 300 and more free followers on IG. Unlimited free coins are stored in this app. Just collect them daily. Also, follow and like other real users’ accounts to get coins.

Note: You can exchange coins to get free IG followers and likes.

100% Organic & Active Followers 

Real Followers UP + free Instagram followers and likes quality is 100% authentic and active. There is no trick, but original IG users actively follow, like, comment, and share your posts or stories. Also, you can get messages around the world daily.  

Privacy Guaranteed

No virus, No leaking, No Bot. All are 100% safe and secure. Users’ data privacy and security practices are updated over time to provide a flawless experience. Also, it never steals your personal information or discloses other third parties.

That means you can use and learn how to get 300 followers instantly on Instagram.

Note: IG algorithm won’t discover your tactics or ban your IG account. No spam will be sent and asked for any information to store.

Get IG 300 Followers Instantly

This app allows you to enjoy fast speed and free Instagram followers to increase plans within a short time. There is no distraction on how to get 2K+ followers on IG. All the followers and likes your need will be delivered instantly to protect your IG profile.

24×7 Customer Support

The customer support team will always be by your side whenever you need help.

However, Real Followers UP + promises real-time insights to check your IG follower and likes changes. With so many exciting features, engagement, and likes, you can become an IG pro.

Will you want to download it and reach more audience? It’s easy to download and get 300 followers on IG. Let’s get started by following the steps mentioned in the next section.

Get 300 Free Followers on IG in 3 Stepsalgorithm

It is simple to get targeted, high-quality, real, and free IG followers with this app. Also, you explore different features. The process takes only 2 minutes or less, and you will get 300 followers on your IG account.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the Real Followers UP + app. Just scroll and get the login or Sign UP button. No survey or ad you experience.

Download the Real Followers UP + app

Step 2: After login, add your IG account and collect free coins. Do daily tasks (follow and like). Remember to sign in daily to get extra coins each time.

add your IG account and collect free coins

Step 3: Exchange coins that you have collected to get real and active Instagram followers and likes.

Exchange coins

Go through the follower reporter notice to verify the security.

verify the security

Note:  You get 30 rewards by following 10 and 10 rewards on 10 likes. You can get diamonds by inviting friends. Can Gift to your friends. Diamonds can exchange for coins, but coins can’t exchange for diamonds. Get coins by following/liking others.

See, this is how you can get 300 free followers on your IG account through Real Followers UP + App. Want to use it now? Just try it and embrace your targeted audience. However, you can follow Instagram’s most popular trends in 2023.

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5 Bonus Tips: How to Get 300 Followers on Instagram Daily?

Along with IGSigths, there are also Instagram marketing trends and methods to get 300 followers. Here we’ve shared 5 Instagram strategies you need to know in 2023. From increasing likes to posting eye-catchy images, all tips are tested by IG pros.

Why delay? Let’s get started!

Use Hashtags & CTAs

Feature-branded Hashtags fuel IG search results on the Instagram Explore page and smoothen accessibility who are interested in your Instagram content. Call-to-action (CTA) creates an urgency to visit the link in your IG profile.

For earning & joining 300+ other brands, creators, and social media managers, try to:

  • Use relevant, targeted, and trendy hashtags on posts or stories (i.e., #SkincareTips, #followme, etc.).
  • Integrate Call-to-action (CTAs) in your captions (i.e., tag people, ask questions, etc.).
  • Use Geotags to reach local audiences.

Note: Don’t add more than  30 tags on a post (photo/video).

Share Reels & Stories

The second approach to 5K+ free followers and earning money on IG is adding Reels & Stories. Reels are fun videos and the most powerful Instagram marketing strategy with creative tools, effects, and audio. Along with reels, you can organize your stories to convince potential followers.

For the best Outcomes:

  • Use business keywords and hashtags for reel captions.
  • Keep reels short and snappy.
  • Ensure high-quality video footage, high-res product images, and original content.
  • Organize stories into themes (i.e., trendy makeup hacks for fashion accounts).

Note: Stories have 24hr lifespans but can be saved using Instagram story highlights.

Create Content Calendar

Another effective tip is to schedule the best time for posting your IG content to get 300 Instagram organic followers daily. A content calendar helps you in making Instagram content plans and push sticks to them.

For the best results:

  • Brainstorm engaging content ideas, business’s upcoming events, and holidays.
  • Post consistently to get exact followers when they are wandering on IG or waiting for you.
  • Keep your target persona and time zone in mind.

Partnering with Influencers

Work with brands, creators, and influencers to get 20K+ followers on IG. Popular ones have a large number of loyal followers which gives access to convert them to your own business. Also, their impact will lead new audiences and followers to your IG account.

For more engagement:

  • Use  Instagram Insights to acknowledge your account followers’ engagement and performance.  
  • Look for creators who have a good engagement rate in your relevant brand niche.
  • Focus on creating effective and informative content that makes sense.

Note: You can work with brand ambassadors if you have a budget issue with hiring celebrity influencers.

Host Giveaways & Campaigns

Run an Instagram giveaway or campaign to grow your followers fast, around 300+ daily. You can ask users to like, comment, or share, which exposes your brand to more IG users online.

For better results:

  • Set clear entry requirements to support growth goals (i.e., tag friend).
  • Host thoughtful, appealing (for both current and target audiences) and true giveaways.
  • Run an inspiring IG contest to promote your product or service.
  • Provide an option to follow you on other social networks and IG.

Note: Instagram Paid campaigns and Ads are more effective. Special Note: Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Instagram pods or groups are the best tactics for entrepreneurs starting to learn how to get 300 Instagram followers without investing money. You can join IG engagement groups or pods based on your brand niche. Also, you can repost others’ content (get content creator permission and give credit) and ask customers to share their photos.

You can find Instagram pods or groups for beauty, fashion, travel, and others who share their interests. However, you can follow fan pages who join the group.

Note: Instagram algorithm can figure out whether the engagement that you receive is real or not.

Add links to your bio and optimize your profile for more engagement. You can also get popular influencers whom you haven’t reached yet. Repost others’ engaging content that matches your niche and gets free Instagram followers.

Also, you can research your competitor’s accounts and note which strategies, posts, or hashtags perform best. Embed your IG feed to your Blog, Facebook, or other social media marketing channels. You can try different filters and dimensions.

Avoid including logos and watermarks on your IG profile images. Ask customers to share your product photos that build trust and loyalty.


Now you’ve apps and IG social media marketing tactics to get 300 free followers on IG daily.

Growing your Instagram followers isn’t a numbers game. Like other social networks, authentic and creative content strategy adds extra value. Ensure you utilize Instagram analytics and post high-quality images, CTAs, and popular research hashtags.

Suppose you use these tactics and download the Real Followers UP + app as a guide. Ready to create your brand popularity with organic followers daily?

GetFollowerUp Free Instagram Followers & Likes App