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Ways to Engage with Your Instagram Followers

Last Updated on June 9, 2023 by Diana

Anyone who has used Instagram knows that it is not easy to improve engagement with Instagram followers, but engaging with Instagram followers is something we Instagram users have to do, especially for those who mainly do marketing on Instagram. For now, Instagram remains the sweetheart of marketers’ social media scene, and in this context, despite some setbacks, proactive marketers are looking for ways to increase Instagram engagement.

This article will give you a detailed breakdown of ways to increase engagement with your Instagram followers to ensure your paid and organic marketing campaigns continue to be successful and protect your Instagram marketing strategy now and in the future, let’s dive in and discuss.

Why Engage with Your Instagram Followers Important?

So, the first question now is, before we get the ways to increase engagement with your Instagram followers, we should figure out: Why should we engage with our Instagram followers? Why engage with your Instagram followers important? We can roughly find three main reasons. Instagram algorithm boosts pages that have high engagement

1. Instagram algorithm boosts pages that have high engagement

I believe that many Instagram users have heard of the Instagram algorithm, which is an important and decisive factor depending on whether you can get traffic on Instagram. According to the search results of a valid and authoritative investigation, the Instagram algorithm will determine whether your account’s content deserves more traffic and exposure according to the engagement between you and your followers.


From the perspective of the Instagram algorithm, if there are a large number of followers engaged in the comments or likes under the content posted on your Instagram, it means that the content you posted is valuable and effective relative to your Instagram followers. Then the Instagram algorithm will push your content to Instagram users with the same preferences as your followers through a big database, thereby increasing your account traffic and exposure.

2. Potential Followers judge your value by your engagement

In addition to the Instagram algorithm, your potential followers will also judge if your Instagram is worth following according to your engagement with your existing Instagram followers. According to the survey, 86% of Instagram users will have the chance to follow the bloggers through the content that Instagram pushed to them, and 92% of Instagram users will check the blogger’s homepage before following: whether the content has engagement and whether he is worth following. So, increasing your Instagram engagement is also one of the important criteria for you to monetize your potential Instagram followers.

3. High engagement brings you more opportunities

The most basic thing to look at from the content you post on your Instagram is that the traffic from the high-engagement posts themselves will give you more opportunities. Whether you’re a brand owner or an influencer, having a high-engagement post increases your likelihood of reaching your marketing goals. To be more intuitive, let’s take an example if your Instagram account is to sell a certain product, then having high-engagement content is also a bridge between you and your product buyers, Whether it is pre-sale or post-sale, it can provide you with more possibilities, to increase the sales of your products, and even better update and optimize the products after hearing the feedback from users in your posts, to achieve the effect of progress.

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How to Engage with Your Instagram Followers More?

So now, after we’ve analyzed the reasons why you should increase engagement with your Instagram followers above, we’re going to turn our perspective to today’s topic: how to increase engagement with your Instagram followers? Read on, and the next will tell you what to do.


1. Know what content your followers like

First of all, the main point is that you need to know what content your Instagram followers like. This is the most basic way to increase the engagement of you and your followers. Only after knowing your audience’s preferences can you plan exactly what you’re going to post. However, it is not easy to accurately grasp the preferences of your Instagram followers, especially after you published more and more content, it is even more difficult to analyze the effect of each post or story.


Fortunately, there are now Instagram apps like Real Followers UP +, which make it easier for us to analyze followers’ preferences, allowing us to capture the preferences of our Instagram audience accurately. If you have Real Followers UP +, you will find that grasping your followers’ preferences is a piece of cake. Real Followers UP + will regularly analyze the traffic and popularity of your account content, which posts are popular with your followers and which are not, Real Followers UP + makes this data more visible.


2. Be keen while engaging

Secondly, when you engage with your followers, you should try to be keen, whether it is when posting a post or replying to the comments of your Instagram followers, Being keen can improve the goodwill and trust rate between you and your followers. If you are not aware of any hot spots on social media at that time, then there will be a gap between the content you publish and your interaction with followers, commonly known as out of style, so when engaging with your followers, being keen is also very important.


But being keen is also not an easy task, and the hot spots on social media are not something we can master if we want to, but fortunately, Real Followers UP + can easily solve this problem for us. If you have downloaded an Instagram app like Real Followers UP +, you will find that Real Followers UP + will filter and present the hot spots of the current period for you, When you browse posts with Real Followers UP +, Real Followers UP + will recommend the most popular content for you based on your preferences. During the process of using Real Followers UP +, those hot spots have already appeared in front of you, and you will be keen naturally.

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3. Use hashtags to increase exposure

Finally, if you want to increase engagement with your Instagram followers, increasing engagement with your hidden followers is also one of the essential tasks. After you successfully attract and engage with your hidden followers, your engagement rate with followers will naturally increase, because your hidden followers will turn into your followers afterward and bring you benefits.


But just like the first two methods, it is not easy to enhance the engagement with hidden followers. Many people wondering: how can we attract and engage with hidden followers? Just one step, open Real Followers UP +, and all problems will be solved. In Real Followers UP +, you can easily get popular hashtags in the recent period, using these hashtags will help you effectively increase the exposure and traffic of your published content, so that your content will be seen by more people and attract more hidden followers even engaging with them has also become easier.


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By the end of this blog, I think you should have a clear understanding of the need to increase your engagement rate with your Instagram followers and the effective ways to engage with your followers. It’s not hard to see that the key to solving this serious problem is whether you’re willing to put in the time and effort, and of course, Real Followers UP + makes it all easier for you.

If you are racking your brains on how to increase your engagement with your Instagram followers, or after you read this blog and have plans to do so, then come and try Real Followers UP +, with it, everything will change within reach.


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