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From AI to ROI: How ChatGPT is Transforming Instagram Marketing Strategies

Last Updated on July 21, 2023 by Diana

No wonder marketers to fashion designers use ChatGPT to skyrocket their business. Also, it helps to cut extra time and gives brands opportunities to plan other business ideas. Curious to explore more about ChatGPT and how it helps you to boost your Instagram business?

In this article, you will experience the role of ChatGPT in enhancing Instagram marketing strategies, steps to integrate with your online market, and many others.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Understanding ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT: An in-depth look

ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot which is developed by OpenAI. As a natural language processing tool, it generates human-like texts by analyzing tons of published content and massive data. From social media managers to Instagram marketers, content designers use this powerful assistance for content creation.

The Technology Behind ChatGPT

ChatGPT (an AI tool) is trained by using a deep learning process which is a subset of machine learning. Machine learning uses artificial neural networks (interconnected nodes) for recognizing patterns in the data.

Also, for adopting human alike tone, it trained with a massive dataset of code, text, social media posts, articles, websites, books, etc. That’s the core thing of ChatGPT behind generating informative and engaging text.

Let’s check out the most essential technology features behind ChatGPT below:

  • Transformer architecture is a neural network architecture that uses attention mechanisms to learn context and meaning more effectively.
  • Pre-training & fine-tuning are two-stage training processes where ChatGPT is trained on a massive amount of text data that exists on the internet. In the pre-training session, it acquires grammar, syntax, and other subjects knowledge. In the second session, ChatGPT is customized to produce accurate and meaningful responses through user inputs.
  • Extensive training data provide ChatGPT to gain knowledge about a wide range of topics (books, articles, etc.) and information when answering users’ questions.
  • Human-like communication method trains ChatGPT to provide a natural and fluent language.  

How ChatGPT can be Utilized in Different Sectors?

From fashion brands to e-commerce businesses use ChatGPT to generate personalized captions, product summaries (features, benefits, etc.), and many others, including:

  • Content creation: ChatGPT enhances marketing by generating business-relevant captions for Instagram posts.
  • Hashtags: Businesses come up with trendy hashtags by using ChatGPT.
  • Responding comments: ChatGPT can be used for instant responses that save time and engage audiences.
  • Create campaigns and live stream: ChatGPT is useful for getting trendy campaign ideas. You can also use it for creative live-stream stories too.

The Power of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Curious to explore why Instagram riched with more than 25 million business and brand accounts? Check out below for more details!

Importance of Instagram for Businesses

  • Customer expectation – Instagram has 4.8 billion active users worldwide with brands, younger people, small businesses, and influencers. If you run a business, customers will search for you on Instagram through the location or business-related hashtags.
  • Build trust – When you create an account you need to provide your business name, contact info, a few posts with products, and others. All this information builds trust among your audiences. If you owned a verified IG account, your business gains a reputable, real, and transparent tag too.
  • Better engagement – Customers, clients, and influencers can tag you. Suppose, you promote a brand product or a customer is over-the-moon after using your product. In this case, they can share their story on Instagram and tag your brand too.    
  • Increase sales through the Instagram shop – Instagram allows businesses to add product links on product images and video posts. For example, Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) IG posts where users can tap on a photo and redirect to the main website.
  • Strong networking – You can like, comment, share, and send messages to other niche-like businesses or individuals. By collaborating with others, you can build a strong Instagram community.
  • Beat niche-friendly competitors – If you don’t have an IG account and your competitor have, you’re giving them opportunities to broaden their business. With an IG account, you can look at your competitors to analyze which posts get more interactions.

Statistics about Instagram’s Reach and Engagement

  • Brand’s IG posts earn 12% of Instagram reach.
  • The average engagement rate for a brand’s IG post is 1% (every brand has 1000 followers, their post will get 10 engagements).
  • The average engagement rate for IG photo posts is 0.8%, video 0.61%, and carousel 1.08%.
  • Instagram’s highest Reels engagement rate is up to 3.79% on average.
  • Around 10.7 hashtags are used in Instagram posts.

Innovative marketing strategies in the age of social media

  • Live streaming: If you want to connect with your audience and prove your business’s authenticity, live streaming is the best marketing strategy. You can create polls, ask questions, give product demonstrations, or get reviews from your customers.
  • Storytelling: You can tell stories about your product or business to build an emotional relationship with your audience. Also, you can share behind-the-scenes stories with them.
  • User-generated content: Want to show off your products and services? You can use photos, videos, or reviews of your products.
  • Social media ads: Try to target your social media ads on your target audience’s demographics, interests, and even their purchase behavior.
  • Influencer marketing: If you plan to reach new audiences or collaborate with influencers to get their fan followers’ attention, take advantage of influencer marketing.
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Unleashing the Potential: ChatGPT for Instagram Marketing

The Connection between AI and Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram uses AI for recommending engaging post content, captions, hashtags, and many others. Also, AI tools ensure that IG users find content relevant to their niche.
  • AI-powered tools allow scheduling Instagram posts that save time and ensure that the posts are published at the right times.
  • Some Instagram brands and businesses use AI tools to analyze the performance of their IG campaigns.
  • Many businesses use AI tools to monitor and track influencers’ collaboration to increase productivity.

How ChatGPT can transform content creation for Instagram

1. Creating a monthly content plan.

You can use ChatGPT to automate the content plan as per your Instagram niche market. After that, it provides some examples of post types or ideas (a week or a month) as per your recommendations.

A monthly content plan

2. Writing engaging Instagram captions.

ChatGPT helps to automate many tasks in just a blink of an eye, including content creation, captions, and many others. All of this help you to grab brands and creators’ attention.

Engaging Instagram captions

3. Creating a Reel scenario.

Do you need a Reel scenario for promoting new products? ChatGPT can generate engaging Reel scenarios in different niche markets. All you need to give information about your audience and details.

A Reel scenario

4. Creating a set of hashtags relevant to the service.

Hashtags and geotags enhance your Instagram in a more effective way. Try ChatGPT to get relevant and trendy hashtags for your business.

A set of hashtags relevant to the service

5. Creating a giveaway.

Use ChatGPT to create polls and quizzes in an informative and engaging way. This strategy helps to increase your sales with more active IG followers.

A giveaway

6. Making a meme or a joke relatable to the audience.

Businesses or brands take advantage of ChatGPT to make memes or a joke that give audiences different vibes.

A meme or a joke

7. Coming up with questions for Instagram live stream.

One of the most effective Instagram hacks is Live Stream which helps to build a strong community and give audiences a positive vibe about your brand. ChatGPT helps to create relevant questions.

Questions for Instagram live stream

8. Creating a campaign for the target audience.

Chacanty to create a campaign for targeting your audience and give them more reasons to know about your business.

A campaign for the target audience

9. Finding influencers for the campaign.

ChatGPT helps to find influencers as per your niche market. For example, podcasting influencers like @joerogan, @timeferris, and many others.

Influencers for the campaign

Case studies of businesses successfully using ChatGPT for an Instagram marketing

ChatGPT is the most powerful tool that helps in generating videos, content, and many more. Now the main part is, how does it help businesses to achieve their actual goals? Let’s check out Waveroom case studies that use ChatGPT for SMM strategists.

Instagram marketing for Waveroom, an online recording studio

Waveroom is an online recording studio with podcasters where people can record podcasts remotely, record interviews, make audio, and video calls with recordings.

Case study 1

Waveroom uses ChatGPT to create its monthly content plan for a web service for podcasters.

Monthly content plan for a web service for podcasters

Case Study 2

After that, they use this AI tool for eye-catchy and engaging post captions. But sometimes, it may not fulfill their plan.

Eye-catchy and engaging post captions

Case Study 3

From the Reel scenario in a way like SquadCast to creating a giveaway, they use ChatGPT for building more engagement.

Case Study 4

Waveroom uses ChatGPT to create a set of hashtags that are relevant to their service.

A set of hashtags that are relevant to their service

Case Study 5

For more reach, they create a campaign by getting ideas from ChatGPT and organizing an Instagram live stream with popular podcasters.

ChatGPT’s impact on engagement, reach, and ultimately, ROI

  • ChatGPT increases engagement by generating engaging Instagram post content that grabs more potential followers’ attention instantly.
  • The AI tool is used to target specific audiences and get an idea about their interests which expands reach.
  • You can optimize your Instagram marketing campaigns and improve ROI by tracking the results.
  • ChatGPT helps to identify trends, relevant topics, and niche-like competitors.
  • From popular influencers or brand ambassadors, the AI tool finds out the best one that adds value to your business.

Practical Guide: Implementing ChatGPT in Instagram Marketing Strategies

Steps to Integrate ChatGPT into your marketing strategy

Step 1

Sign up or log in with your OpenAI account on the ChatGPT website or download the app from Google Play or App Store.

Sign in ChatGPT

Step 2

Configure your ChatGPT settings (language, tone, etc.)

Step 3

Navigate to the “API Key” section and follow the prompts to create a new one.

Step 4

For connecting with the API you need to set up a server-side route to make a call and return the response to ChatGPT API.

Step 5

Now, add ChatGPT to your website’s backend by setting up a server-side function to make requests to the API which sends user input to ChatGPT and receives responses.

Step 6

Review and edit the response to ensure accurate and relevant outputs.

Tips for optimizing the use of ChatGPT for Instagram Marketing

Like other AI tools, there are some hacks to use ChatGPT for Instagram marketing. Here we’ve listed some to help you get started!

  • Set a clear marketing goal

Do you want to earn revenues from your Instagram marketing or increase engagement and generate leads? Which niche market do you target and who are your target audiences?  All information is crucial to get optimized results from ChatGPT.

  • Use specific prompts

ChatGPT provides the best results when you train it with clear and concise prompts. For example, you can ask, “What content type can I post to increase followers?” Rather you try another way like, “What content type can I post for a pizza shop based in the USA to increase followers?”

  • Decide the content type

Do you need attention-grabbing captions or blog posts? Want to create email newsletters or video scripts? Decide your content type first to use ChatGPT in a creative and more engaging way.

  • Check-out results

Sometimes, ChatGPTmay provide irrelevant and imperfect answers. Also, if you want another content structure or a more specific one, revise every result thoroughly.

  • Relevant keywords 

Always try to use relevant keywords which help ChatGPT to find out your target audience’s information. Also, you can ask it to give your business niche keyword ideas.

  • Monitor & track your results

 What content or posts are working and what’s not – you need to track ChatGPT progress. For this, you can use Google Analytics or other 3rd-party tools to measure the data-driven results, stay informed, and plan for skyrocket success.

Address potential challenges and provide solutions

Challenge 1

ChatGPT is trained with a massive dataset of code, text, blog posts, websites, and many others. If you don’t provide specific brand information and reliable data about your target audience, the ChatGPT will not provide effective results.


Avoid using ChatGPT for biased or offensive content and monitor the outputs for more generic answers.

Challenge 2

ChatGPT’s accuracy may vary depending on its development phase. So, it might not be suitable for complex queries and comments from users. Sometimes it may also provide inaccurate information.


You can use ChatGPT with other tools and resources to eliminate these issues. Suppose, you can use this AI tool to generate a potential keyword list for your IG posts and use another keyword research tool to verify the accuracy.

Challenge 3

The AI tool is used to generate engaging Instagram post content. Sometimes, the content may not be relevant and engaging to your audience.

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Before using ChatGPT identify your target audience’s interests, needs, and pain points to get a creation one.

Challenge 4

ChatGPT is costly for a large-scale marketing campaign.


You can this AI chatbot in a limited capacity and utilize human resources for performing bulk work. For example, you can get ideas about potential blog post topics for your IG market, then hire a human editor to write those.

Future of Instagram Marketing: The Role of AI and ChatGPT

From automating tasks to fulfilling personalized requirements, and tracking IG marketing growth, AI is everywhere. Curious to explore how AI helps to shape your Instagram marketing in the future? Check out below:

Predictions about how AI will continue to shape Instagram marketing

  • AI-powered chatbots – Businesses or brands use chatbots to provide satisfactory customer service, answer questions, and increase sales. But it has some lacking in understanding natural language and engaging in complex conversations with users.
  • AI-powered live streaming –  From improving live streaming sound quality to adjusting lighting or filtering out spam comments, AI help on all platforms.
  • Creative tools – AI-powered tools give you ideas on niche-relevant hashtags, unique imagery, and much more.
  • AR filters – On Instagram AI-powered augmented reality filters are more popular for their realistic and immersive looks.
  • AI-powered influencer marketing – AI helps to identify niche-relevant Instagram influencers which helps to reach more active followers.

Long-term benefits of integrating ChatGPT into Instagram marketing strategies

  • Increase engagement – ChatGPT boosts reach and visibility by creating quality content and posting at the best time.
  • Improve customer service –  You can create chatbots for answering DMs and resolve issues 24/7. With these activities, you can focus more on your other tasks and provide a better customer experience.
  • Data-drive Instagram insights – Anyone can use ChatGPT to analyze IG posts and followers to understand which content type and products they like most.
  • Personalized Instagram marketing – You can use ChatGPT to generate personalized messages to build relationships with your followers.

The Legality of AI-Generated Content on Social Media

The legality of AI-generated content on different social platforms depends on some specific facts and the privacy laws of each. For example, if you edit AI-generated content this might not violate copyright laws. Check out different social media current stances on AI-generated content!

The current stance of social media platforms on AI-generated content

Facebook and Twitter, have taken caution on AI-generated content and removed that goes against their Community Standards. But Instagram and TikTok these platforms allow users to use AI-generated content. Also, both platforms state that they will take action on harmful or misleading AI-generated content.

Let’s check out some potential risks of AI-generated content on social media below:

  • Deceptive or misleading content: Fake news or impersonations spread negative vibes on the audiences’ trust in social media platforms.
  • Copyright infringement: If you use AI-generated content that is similar to an author or copyright holder the work violet copyright law.
  • Cyberbullying & hate speech: AI-generated content can be used in political discussion, hate speech, and cyberbullying which creates a hostile situation.

Note: Facebook and Twitter allow entertainment or educational purposes AI-generated content.

Best Practices for Using ChatGPT for Instagram Marketing

Ready to tap into ChatGPT to boost your Instagram business? Let’s go through the best practices and hacks of how you can utilize this AI tool to get the best results.

A. Providing broader context.

Define your Instagram marketing goals i.e., generating leads, brand awareness, or driving traffic for your website. Also, give the tool a proper guide about your business target audience to create high-quality content and achieve those goals.

For example, if you ask ChatGPT to create a caption for your business, it might provide product info, audience-preferred vibes, etc.

Create a caption for your business

B. Providing examples of current posts.

If you want to train the AI with your brand voice and style, you can provide some existing IG post samples. In this way, you can get more personalized content that easily matches your existing ones and doesn’t need to edit too much.

Providing examples of current posts

C. Thinking through your input.

The more customized and detailed instructions, the better ChatGPT provides powerful brand-promoting insights. That means getting user-friendly and creative post ideas take time to plan what you want the AI will generate. So, before giving a prompt think about your purpose and product sales line.

Thinking through your input

D. Not using everything ChatGPT suggests.

It’s true that ChatGPT is a powerful tool with lots of data and can provide valuable insights. But sometimes it might generate irrelevant or too generic posts. That’s why to maintain consistency, accuracy, and reliability, double-check the information before uploading.

E. Fact-checking.

From adding a brand-specific tone to generating factual information and quality content, ensure to check every fact and detail. Some IG influencers like @chaselepard shared that you can’t trust AI always. So, to boost your unique brand and attract more followers take time to dig into facts.


F. Training ChatGPT for your brand.

If you want to get the best outputs from ChatGPT, it’s important to train it with your brand’s unique tone, voice, and messaging styles. For this, use this AI tool regularly and give feedback on its results whenever requires.

G. Using the same chat for one task.

Want to generate multiple IG posts for more followers? Try to use the same chat for each post content or task. By doing this, you will train ChatGPT in a more accurate way and get consistent results.

H. Testing different phrasing when typing the prompt.

Your phrasing style or wording prompts can impact the ChatGPT results because of its machine-learning model. You can ask the same questions with different phrasing to verify the answer clarification and what works best for you.


I. Using other tools for better results.

You can try different AI tools along with ChatGPT to improve your Instagram marketing efforts. For example, Bard or Claudehelps you to schedule your Instagram posts, analyze your business growth, and many others.


At the end of this article: How ChatGPT is Transforming Instagram Marketing Strategies, we hope you will achieve your business success and focus on high-level tasks. It’s true that ChatGPT has some limitations. But when you train this AI tool with clear brand or product guidelines, it will help become a life-saving tool.

As an Instagram business owner, marketer, or influencer, you can explore and embrace ChatGPT to drive more followers and revenues. Feel free to share your experience with AI in your social media marketing.


1. What is ChatGPT and how can it help with Instagram marketing?

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text.

2. Can ChatGPT generate Instagram post captions?

Yes. ChatGPT can generate Instagram post captions and assist you to create captivating ones.

3. How can ChatGPT automate responses on Instagram?

ChatGPT automates responses on Instagram by responding on DMs and commenting on your IG account. Also, it can generate content for your blog posts, stories, Reels, captions, and photos.

4. Can ChatGPT help in creating an Instagram content strategy?

Yes, ChatGPT helps to create an Instagram content strategy by drafting IG posts, defining your target market, and repurposing content.

5. Is it safe to use ChatGPT for Instagram marketing?

Yes, it is safe to use ChatGPT for Instagram marketing.

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